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Five Reasons To Journal

Keeping a journal during the coaching process is one of the most simple and effective aids a client can use. Below you will find five reasons why I encourage my clients to use a journal during their coaching time. I hope that you will be motivated to commit your creative pursuits to a journal.


When artists share their work, they share some part of themselves to their audience. For some artists, performing or displaying their art comes easily. They have confidence, courage and the requisite skill to handle both success and rejection of their art. When an artist moves into that place, the focus switches to what's happening inside the artist, rather than what's happening to the art. It takes time to separate personal issues from past experience, creativity and business issues. Journaling facilitates this change in between coaching sessions.


A journal provides space to work out problems in detail. The client can spell out the situation, examine the pros and cons, percolate over the material and come to a final informed decision. The client can also discover information gaps, ask questions and share concerns, that may also lead to further research.


When an artists' emotions are triggered, writing in a journal providesspace to contain and diffuse strong emotions. After processing those emotions the perspective of the artist is restored, the situation becomes more clear, and life in general, returns to more balanced place.


Emotional expression increases emotional awareness in artists. Some artists become overwhelmed with their feelings, using journaling as a safe place for emotional expression. Other artists can't access some of their emotions. Journaling through their emotions becomes a time of discovery and positive change. Restoring balance to an artist's life is one of the best results of journaling.


Journaling through the creative process provides a written record of the negative and positive aspects of the process. The artist gains a broader perspective of their work. Artists' rereading success stories, reviewing past plans to create better plans for the next project.

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