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Listening to Your Inner Voice May Save Your Life

"I was washing my breakfast dishes one morning when it occurred to me to go visit a friend who lived several miles away. I did my work and started to dress for my journey, when there came over me such a feeling of depression, or despondency, or gloom, that I could not understand. I kept on getting ready, all the time trying to reason away the feeling. But it would not go. Finally, I got my hat on and one glove and started for the door, when such a heaviness came over me that I turned back into my room and sat down saying, 'God, I want to know what the meaning is of all this?' The answer came loud, strong, and firm, 'Stay at home.' I stayed, and taking off my hat, gloves and cape I felt so light I seemed to walk on air. At the time I supposed the voice (I call it voice for want of a more definite term) had told me to stay at home because someone was coming to me for help. This was my first year as a teacher and healer. But not a soul came that day, nor that night, and the thought flitted through my mind that perhaps it was all nonsense after all and I might as well have gone.

Well, the outcome was that the train I would have taken met with a fearful accident in which many were killed or badly injured. This is only one of many similar experiences I have had. I do not stop to reason out things. The world has tried for 1900 yeas to follow reason, and look at the outcome. I follow my intuition and it never fails me." - Flora P. Howard,Los Angeles, Cal.

This letter was written 100 years ago. The point I want to make is that our inner voices have been with us from the beginning of time. It doesn't matter if you were born 1000 years ago or in the 21st century, we all have that little voice that speaks to us. The question is: Are you paying attention to it? Can you hear it whisper in your ear? Do you hear it when it yells at you loud and clear? Or do you "reason it away," as Ms. Howard tried to in the account above?

How many times have we had that "nagging" feeling that something just isn't "right"? And yet we choose to ignore it? We all have heard "ask and you shall receive," well Flora didjust that. She asked a simple question: 'God, I want to know what the meaning is ofall this?' And she got a loud and clear answer: 'Stay at home!'

So next time you get that "gut feeling" that something isn't right take a deep breath and be still and quiet for a moment and ask yourself: "What does this mean? What are you trying to tell me?" And listen quietly to your inner voice. It does take practice but the more you do it the easier it becomes to stay in tune with yourself.

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