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8 Ways to Write a Winner Book Fast!

Have you given up on getting your book out of your heart intothe hands of your readers? Don't give up. There's an easy way todo anything and a more difficult way. The easy way usuallyincludes getting helpful advice from someone that's been thereand done that. The author has written five of those ten booksthat were stuck in her heart a few years ago. Here's eight stepsthat will speed you on your way to getting your book out now:

1. Setup a regular writing schedule.
Think about yourpriorities right now. Can you fit 7-10 hours a week in? If youhave to let something go that is not high on your priority list,do it. Now is your time. Later is not better. Set yourself upfor a successfully written book this year by committing to aregular schedule. After it's done, remember to reward yourself.

2. Plan a short book first.
Many aspiring writers overwhelmthemselves with goals of a 365 page book first. Shorten yourbook to 25-90 pages the first time or divide your large bookinto a smaller book one and two. Though you shorten it, stillfill it with useful information by using the question and answerformat for each chapter. Using the same format and length foreach chapter and answering all your readers' questions will notonly speed your writing process but it will result in asuccessful book.

3. Let your passion lead you to a topic.
Passion will not onlystir your readers when your book is done but it will keep youmotivated to do the work involved. Yes, I did say work. Passionwill make your work easy. Passion will lead you to develop allthe profit centers (seminars, articles, or consulting services)your message deserves.

4. Choose what's interesting to you.
If you are interested inwhat you are writing about you will happily write all you knowand research to know more about your subject. You will easilyspice your writing with interesting tid-bits that will delightyour readers and keep them reading until the end of your book.

5. Get to know your reader before you write.
Target youraudience and your copy will be focused, interesting andcompelling. As a method of writing personable copy, write andpost (somewhere in your work area) your reader profile includingtheir sex, their top interest, what they spend money on, whatbooks they want and read. Your subject must benefit youraudience to capture their interest. After all who wants to payfor a book that doesn't help them in any way?

6. Develop a plan for each chapter before you write.
Using aformat plan including headlines throughout will organize yourchapters. Organized chapters become easy to write and fill inthe blanks. Additionally, organized chapters are easy to readand your readers will love it and tell all their friends aboutit. Don't forget to weave the questions and answers that benefityour audience into your text.

7. Design your book to market well while you write.
Incorporatethe top market spots designed to sell more your book iscompleted. The hot spots are the title, cover, thesis, audience,benefits & features, mini sales letter written as introductionand back cover copy of each book.

8. Select your non-fiction topic first.
You may be like theauthor wanting to write novels. But start with the profitablebook first, so you can finance your dream efforts. Write a shortbook first and satisfy the busy people that want usefulinformation fast and easy. Remember answering 5 questions aboutone chapter topic will create a 5 page chapter.

Get your book out of your heart to paper fast. If you wait youcould be this time next year with the same desire to get yourbook out. Use the eight easy steps of committing to a regularwriting schedule, planning a short book first, choosing apassion-led topic, picking an interesting to-you subject, getting to know your reader first, developing a plan for eachchapter, designing your book's top market spots, and choosingyour non-fiction topic first to become a successful authorsooner. The world is waiting for your important message toanswer their questions and help them become successful.

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