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How to Make Your Business Image Stand Out Above The Crowd

Traditional advertising methods are still being used foralmost 90% of businesses today. The number one problem withthis, is that all everyone else seems to be following thesame old methods.

No matter how expensive, does your advertising look andsound like a lot of other advertising? If you take a lookat your business card design, flyer design, brochures,letterheads, web page design and any other methods you aredoing, you'll probably find some very familiar pattern tolooking like your competition.

Just because "everyone else" believes that the traditionalmethod of image advertising is the way to get business doesnot mean that it is the only way...or the best way.Thousands of people go out of business, or miss a lot ofbusiness, because of "traditional" thinking. Don't fallinto the trap of being an advertising look a like.

If you follow everybody else, you'll likely end up beinglike 90% of the people in business on your way out or, atbest, making a medium income. There are two things yourmarketing should do for your business

1) It gets the response that you want - it gets people torespond to you.

2) It lets you provide good products or services to yourcustomers that you do get, so that you are making an aboveaverage income and get enjoyment out of your ongoingsuccessful business. A business that started and runs withmarketing that appeals to what people really do want,instead of what you think they should want.

In order for you and your business to become a success,being different is something you're going to have toaccept. Sometimes being different means that other businesspeople will not like you, or will think you are notappealing or think other things about you that you don'twant them to think. But again, the reality of this is, whoare you trying to impress? Are you trying to impress yourpeers, or are you trying to get and help customers who needyour product or service?

Think about this hard, because if you are really scaredabout being different, this might not be the system foryou. But, then again, being different doesn't mean beingsleazy, obnoxious, unethical or illegal. It just meansdifferent.

Sometimes the old tradition, especially in industries thatare tired and steeped in tradition, think being differentwith being unethical or illegal. That's far from the truth.

We all know that being different simply means different.And hopefully, you'll see this as a part of becoming asuccess or more successful as time moves on with yourbusiness operations.

The reality is that you have no image, and no one thinksabout you until they have a reason to. Being worried aboutwhat others think is a waste of energy and time. Spend yourtime worrying about what your prospects who are interestedin what you have to offer think.

They're the ones who are going to buy from you and they'rethe only people you should be concerned with. If your peersor others don't like what you're doing, that's theirproblem, not yours.

This change of attitude is a challenge, but very necessaryespecially when focusing on what is important. This type ofthinking and rationalizing only matters what your prospectsthink is important. It doesn't matter what I think, or whatyour competition thinks. As long as your prospects andcustomers are happy, then you should be happy!

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