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Discover How You Can Start Making Your Small Business Dream Come True

As a teenager I worked for my father's small business. At18 I worked for a small video rental business owned by twopartners; there were 4 employees. At 23 I worked for anauto body shop, the owner was from Greece; there were 8employees. At 25 I became CEO of my family's smallbusiness; we have 15 employees. Today, I own a 3-employeeautomotive repair shop; an online business; a promotionallicensing business and I still consult for my family'sbusiness.

Today working in large firms with hundreds of employees oreven 50 employees is rare. Like most people I grew uparound small business and worked in small business. Thetransition to a business of my own seemed a naturalprogression. The time has never been better to get yourfeet wet. Small business is booming.

Consider these facts from the U.S. Bureau of the Census:

23 million small businesses in the U.S.; 75% of which haveno employees

Small businesses represent 99.7% of all employer firms

Small businesses employ half of all private sector


44.3% of U.S. private payroll is paid by small businesses

60%-80% of all new job created annually are by smallbusinesses

Today, small business is the standard.

If you've ever dreamed of owning or starting your ownbusiness, clearly the climate has never been better. Butmaking your dream come true takes a few key strategies.

First, before starting any endeavor, do your research,education is the single most important factor to asuccessful new business. If no one wants your product or ifno market exists for your service you will spin your wheelstrying to survive.

Know your market, who are they? Does your product orservice exist? If so, how can you make it better? What isyour competitive edge? What are your competitors doing?

If your service or product doesn't exist, why should it?This is a tough question but if you cannot justify thepurpose of your product or service and the need it fills howwill you find customers?

The next step is planning. What will you need? How willyou get started? What is your first step?

When I'm looking to start a new endeavor, I jot down thegoal and then write down each and every task I can think ofthat will need to be accomplished in order to achieve thegoal. Organize all those items into an Action Plan and thenget started, one step at a time.

Getting started is probably the most difficult step. We allhave fear of the unknown. You need only one ability orskill? courage. Take the step, even if you feel like you'refalling from a tall building. I promise once you getstarted, you'll wonder why you didn't do so before.

Execution is where all the research and planning pay off.You've made your marketing plan; now just take it one stepat a time. Keep at it. Even if your first marketing tacticworks, keep at each and every one. If you send out 100fliers and start getting customers, do not stop. Followthrough on the next mailer or article. You must continueexecuting your marketing plan; this tactic will ensure long-term success.

Clearly it has never been a better time to start a smallbusiness. There are millions of small businesses out there;you are not alone. Seek out others for support. Startsmall to get your feet wet and start accumulatingaccomplishments. With small businesses creating 50% of thegross domestic product you can't go wrong.

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