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I Dare You To Be Successful

Just imagine how it would feel to be successful...., tohave sufficient money finding its way into your bankaccount on a monthly basis, to have absolutely no sleeplessnights about income and how you are going to pay all thebills at the end of the month. Just imagine how it wouldfeel to be able to take a vacation when you want to. Justimagine how it would feel to pay cash for your nextvehicle.......

It is good to dream! But, are we always just going to dreamabout doing things, dream about taking action, dream aboutmaking that move, dream...?

I saw an article tonight by Mike Litman. He described thedifference between successful and passive persons. Whatstruck me though was his statement at the end. It took him7 years to "find his focus". Now this is what I have beenlooking for - you see: He did not quit. He kept on trying'till he became successful - He did not quit.

Here are some of Mike's differences between successful andpassive people:

They're always passive at their jobs.
They go for their dreams very "safely".
They "La De Da" through life.
They "hope" something good happens.

From my experience, this is not the right attitude forsuccess.

"No way, Jose".

Let me share with you an ACTION of success.Let me share with you a PERSPECTIVE of success that I'veseen through people who are living their dreams, bothpersonally and financially.

**Successful people...
ACT from a sense of URGENCY.

Let me say that again.
**Successful people ACT from a sense of URGENCY.

There's an URGENCY to accomplish tasks.
There's an URGENCY to live their dreams.
There's an URGENCY to get things done.
Big difference.

Huge difference.

You have to go to dreams with a SENSE OF URGENCY.

None of us are going to live 'till 150 years old.

You have to ignite that part of you that can CATAPULT youto GREATER productivity and ACTION.

Ask yourself:
If I was going to act from a sense of URGENCY, what 2actions would I take today?

Write them down and then DO IT.

Come on, YOU can do more than you EXPECT of yourself.

You can do it.
YES, you can!

Are you ready or really ready to make your next 7 daysawesome?

I thought so, let's go!

Have a GREAT day and never give up on your dreams! (It tookme 7 years to find my focus, it's not over until youquit).

Talk to you soon.

Mike Litman, #1 best-selling author of "Conversations withMillionaires"


Thought you'd enjoy this.

A while ago I offered a young man the chance to run aniche product website. He had been telling me for a whilehow important it was to him to be "in charge" of his owndestiny and how serious he was about being successful. Thisopportunity did not cost the young man anything, but his owntime - everything, including training, had been cateredfor.

It is now 6 months later. We have been losing customers andsubscribers steadily from this site/product and our youngman shows no sign or sense of urgency.

We had a discussion about this last week. What did he speakto me about - listen to this: He spoke to me about the nextproject he has lined up!! He is not concerned about thedecreasing numbers on the current project. He is notconcerned about turning it around and making a profit orsuccess out of it. In his dream he is already living thenext successful project. In his dream...

Maybe this was too big for him, maybe he was not reallyserious, maybe he did not realise how much work ittakes.... But you know what: He was not interested inmoving out of his comfort zone. Another passive indicator.

Talk is cheap. Dreams are easy, but what we need to do is:"Actively live our dream"

Leon Williams runs eBusWiz and is "Actively living hisdream". More articles can be found at: http://www.ebuswiz/blogand information at: as well as at

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