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Inspiration: Some Things Ive Noticed Along the Way So Far

Let's file this one under the heading of random musings and observations, or what I like to call "things I've noticed along the way so far."

Of the many things we tend to forget about in our fast paced culture, two of the most important are how to play and how to rest.

Even if the grass is greener on the other side it's still got to be mowed.

Like most men, one of my biggest emotional needs in marriage is to be and feel appreciated. It took me a long time, almost too long, to figure out that in order to be appreciated, I had to do a whole lot more than just show up.

It's much easier to raise a child than to repair an adult.

Exactly when did fast food become so slow?

Most women simply need to be told frequently and shown often that they are loved.

Just about every kid I've ever worked with faced the challenge of a "personality conflict" with a teacher. Of the many ways to handle this challenge is to look at it as good practice for adulthood, when the exact same thing will happen in the workplace.

When it comes to adequately expressing emotional pain, the English language falls terribly short.

People who complain more than their share are usually trying to tell someone how very much they hurt.

There are lots of folks who are in a relationship because it's socially acceptable, while being committed to something else in their lives.

Can someone please explain to me what could be so important as to be worth risking your own life and the lives of others by running straight through the red light at a busy intersection?

Some people enjoy the defining and re-defining of a problem much more than solving the problem.

Whether you look upon the things you do every day as a burden or a privilege determines whether you do them grudgingly or gracefully.

How is it that couples can be involved in a nasty loud heated argument and when the phone rings they stop and answer it with a pleasant hello? We seem to be more willing to talk pleasantly and kindly to an unknown caller than to our spouses.

It never ceases to amaze me how creative we are at complicating our lives.

Here's a quote I recently came across that hit's the emotional bullseye: "Being cared about is something so desperately needed in this depersonalized world that people will crawl across a thousand miles of desert to get it."

In the wake of all the recent school violence, those asking "how could this be happening?" are asking the wrong question. A much better question is "What are we going to do about it?"

If you are blessed enough to still have elderly relatives and aren't regularly "picking their brains", then you are really missing out on a great source of experience and wisdom.

Most depiction's of marriage/family counseling in the movies or on TV embarrass me.

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