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Words Of Wisdom

Carlos' Words of Wisdom

1. Today is your day to exceed, so why live in yesterday.

2. You're way beyond your expectation: so why not go a little further?

3. Walk with no fear through the darkness because soon you will see your horizon.

4. It's not how immense your problems are: it's how immense they appear to be in your eyes.

5. Endurance is the key to overcoming all barriers: they cave in after awhile.

6. You are more than your present status quo: just remember there is more you are going do.

7. How far will you go searching before you find out what your looking for is right in front of you?

8. Sometimes we are waiting for something big to happen when our answer is in something small.

9. Insight on life is found in life: just live while you learn.

10. You are closer to your success than what you think: just walk towards it.

11. Challenges are set to get the best out of you.

12. What is the impossible? Isn't it something that is labeled by someone else who couldn't do it?

13. If you believe you can do it than you can: don't let someone else's procrastination stop your ambition.

14. Watch the advice you receive there are some who know nothing but failure and they can't see beyond that.

15. Your current situation whether good or bad is only your transition.

Carlos is a father of three who has gone through alot of obstacles and has overcomed a lot of them. He is 29 years old and he is excited about writing things that he has learned in the form of abstracts.

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