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Everyone Has Been Hurt... Part 4


After that I stayed with him still and when he would hit me I became numb. And I would also fight back even harder. I wouldn't give in till he hurt me bad enough then I would give up. We would end up on the floor in knock down, drag out fights that a man and a man would have. That became my way of life. He ended up talking me into getting pregnant again, but I thought of it too, so stupid.

I lost everything, my grandpa kicked me out because I refused to leave him and I had no where to go, so I moved into a hotel. On Christmas Eve that year he came over and we got into it again, the next day Christmas Day I lost that baby. I moved in with friends after that. I hated holidays. We stayed together a little longer. I felt I had no one. He did start cheating and I did find out.

One day when his sister and I went to her friend's, we came back and as soon as I walked in he grabbed me by the hair, bounced my head off the door frame, and drug me by my hair into his room, his sister tried to stop him and he hit her repeatedly, his mom finally broke it up. I broke up with him and it was for good. He called and begged me to talk to him to hear him out, I said it will do no good but I will listen to what you have to say. We were talking and I told him I was done, a guy walked across the road in front of me and I looked at him, just a glance and he blew up.

We got into it I told him take me home he told me he was going to sleep with his sister's friend, I spit on his truck and he punched me square in the nose, instantly blood began to pour, and I kept passing out he rushed me to the ER and they told me my nose was broken, and if it would have hit an inch farther one way or the other it could have killed me, kids started bawling when they saw me and there was blood all over me and my clothes, I was done. I wouldn't press charges but I told him that is it never again and I meant that, and I stuck to it.

Vaughn Pascal

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