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You Are a Beautiful Person

I wish that I could tell every person that I meet that he or she is a beautiful person--and have them believe it. I wish I could look them in the eyes and tell them of their beauty and have them accept the words for what they truly are--the truth, plain and simple.

You know what I mean, don't you? You and I both know that most people will deny their beauty, expressing what they feel is modesty or humility. It's easier for us to be told that we're talented or intelligent--our own beauty is something that we don't want to face.

You could help me to convince people of their innate beauty. You could agree with me in an effort to reinforce the message. You could give a few specifics to illustrate just what we're talking about when we say the person is beautiful. You could reassure the person that I'm not saying it to flatter or to try to win the person over or get something out of the person, but just trying to express in words the beauty I see when I look into that person's eyes and see the human being there, the person who gets happy and hurt and who laughs and who cries.

You can help me by reminding the person that beauty isn't about comparing ourselves with others, but about the part of us that shines when we love others and love life. It's not all physical and it's not all spiritual, but a tender combination of all that we are.

And when that person says, "No, not me," you could argue the point and ask him or her not to talk down about him or herself, to admit to the beauty that's there, to accept it, to thrive in it. Because you know just as well as I do that this person can hurt his or her own self-image and feelings by denying the beauty.

So I ask you: Please help me to convince people of their own beauty. Will you do that? Thank you. And we'll start right here, with you: You're a beautiful person.

The rest is up to you.

Tom Walsh is a student of life and living who has created, one of the web's most extensive collections of inspirational and motivational material.

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