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Everyone Has Been Hurt...Part 3


When I turned 18 years old, I met a new guy, I actually went to school with him when we met. I dropped out of school my senior year, guess why?? Because he did and I thought he was cheating on me so I had to keep an eye on him. I was so stupid I did go and get my GED though, I am proud of that and thank God I did. I stayed with this guy for while. I got pregnant at 18.

When I was 4 and half months along he beat me and threw me down and the baby died. I had went to the hospital because of cramping and bleeding and that was when I found out. That wasn't the first time he had hit me either. The first time was when he called me a slut because I was talking to a guy friend of mine, I slapped him when he called me the name and he turned around and slapped me back and busted my lip. But I had hit him first so I deserved it right? That is what I thought anyways. We had been arguing the time he beat me (when I found out about the baby), he just went off that day. After the first time it was not often but it gradually increased and became worse. He always begged me to come back. And he would cry and I had such a hard time at home I just wanted out of my house.

I hated holidays when I used to love them. That was the times when my family would get together and I was picked out to be the center of attention. I was humiliated, called names, talked about, all in front of my face. Sometimes I would even be called slut and whore. They would say, "you will be pregnant by the time you are 16," well it was 18 but close enough. Glad I didn't disappoint anyone. Anyhow I stayed with him. I found out the baby had died on a Friday. I was supposed to go to the Dr. on Monday and get pills to help move the miscarriage along. That Monday morning on the way to the Dr.'s office, I started to get sick and I was having cramps, I joked that it felt like I was in labor because the pain would come and then suddenly stop and I had heard contractions were like that. As we sat there in the office it started getting worse and I told him if they didn't hurry we needed to go to the hospital because something was wrong.

They finally called me back there and told me to get a urine sample. So I went into the bathroom, and as soon as I sat down the baby came out, and I freaked out I started screaming and yelling and the nurses came running, there was blood every where, and they took me back to a room and made me lie down. I laid there for what seemed like hours before the Dr. came in. I could feel the blood running up my back and I was so scared. She finally came in and said you had a boy and he is dead. She then had to call an ambulance because I had lost so much blood. I got to the ER and they did surgery and took care of me.

Vaughn Pascal

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