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The Author Within You!

I always had an active imagination when I was young. I hated school, and would pass the time away day- dreaming about things I should not even have known about at such a young age. I used to make up stories in my head, that would always have me as the centre of attention, like collecting an Oscar for a Hollywood film that I had starred in, or recovering from a major operation or accident. I think I was like this because I was a shy kid who lacked a lot of confidence. It was no different when I started work.

Those long boring days stuck in an office with bitchy overweight girls with no meaning to their life apart from bingo on a Friday night and watching Eastenders with their doubly overweight boyfriends. I always dreamed about writing a book or acting. When I realised that I was far to old to be dreaming such girly things such as acting, I decided that I would become famous for my imagination instead. I decided to write a book.

I thought about it long and hard. What do I write about? What era will it be set in? What will be the background basis for the book? Who would want to read a book from the likes of a person like me? I always liked reading about the Second World War. I had a morbid fascination surrounding the rise of Hitler and the Holocaust. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a Nazi supporter, and I totally disagree with the treatment and atrocities he handed out to the poor Jews. Nether the less it did interest me, so after much pondering, I decided to write a story about the Holocaust.

I based it on a young Jewish girl growing up in occupied Poland during the Nazi invasion. I never believed for one minute that it would be published, but after submitting my manuscript to quite a few online publishers, I finally got accepted. I could not believe that little old me would become a successful writer. My book is due for release on 3rd March 2005 and is for sale at most leading bookstores, including my publishers , you see anybody can write, but it takes confidence and you have to believe in yourself. I never did for so many years.

It was only my Husband telling me how good my story was that I decided to give it a go, and believe me I am just a regular girl with no silver spoon in her mouth, I just plucked up the courage to do something to change my life for the better. The moral of my humble little story is, don't let doubt and the lack of confidence hold you back. Give it go, for you never know where your courage may lead you. You can view my book at

Leanda Wood has writen many childrens stories and poems over the years. Her first novel "There Are No Children Here" is due for release on 3rd March 2005. Available at most leading bookstores online and off. Book also available from her website

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