Surefire Way To Find Hot Selling eBook Topics

To become an entrepreneur, you need product ideas.

Even more important,


To locate products that sell online, you need to understandwhat people already want to buy.

The single biggest cause of failure when writing non-fictionbooks, booklets, ebooks or any other information-based productis a poor choice of idea or product.

It's no doubt this is the main issue for anyone wanting to becomean entrepreneur, there are all kinds of twists along the road that may lead you to THINK you have a high-demand idea.

For example, you are NOT part of a given niche market, yetyou see evidence that there are a great many people searchingfor information on a particular topic. BUT - it turns out they would not be willing to PAY for this information, it's either not important enough to them OR it's too easy to findthe information elsewhere.

So, what do you do?

How do you really get to the bottom of demand?

It's easier than you think - find out what people DO want topurchase information on.

Here's how.

Fire up your web browser and head one over to:

Now, instead of searching for a particular topic, plug in these search terms and have fun looking at the results:

"How To"

"Learn To"



"More Information About"


"How Do I"

See what I'm getting at?

These are the terms people use online when they are specificallysearching for information on a topic - as opposed to some otheraspect about it.

For example, when you perform a search on "How To", you will find among the top results:

"How To Knit"

"How To Tie and Tie"

"How To Draw"

"How To Cook A Turkey"

"How To Play Poker"

Bet you wouldn't have thought THESE are the topics people are already hungry for information now would you?

Want to test your idea?

Record the numbers you get from either Overture or Wordtrackeron top 10 results from searches recommended above.

Then, search for "How To [Insert Your Topic" and note the comparable number of searches. Are you anywhere close to thetop 10, top 50, etc...?

You can get a pretty good idea of not just how MANY people wantyour information product, but also how your idea relates to many others that may sell better.

Believe me, it's easier to work on topics that people alreadywant - don't waste your time and effort on low demand topics.

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