Your Guaranteed Path to Becoming an Information Product Money Machine

How To Turn Your Talks or Articles into Books, eBooks, CDs and More

You may be writing a monthly newsletter. You may have written some short articles or reports. Or you may have the scripts for several speeches or talks you've delivered. And if you have a Web site, you're more than halfway there. Where is there? Your destination to becoming an information product money machine or info guru. You probably know some. There's Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra to name a few. They send you several e-mails a week and a monthly newsletter, they use lengthy sales pages and have a product list as long as your arm-books, eBooks, tapes, CDs, videos, teleclasses, e-courses, seminars, coaching...

They may be a specialist and focus on a narrow niche like how to make more money as an entrepreneur or they may be a generalist in the business or self-help arena. You are a specialist in your field. You're an expert in the service you provide, whether selling real estate, personal coaching, cutting hair, nutrition and health, etc. If you give talks or have a newsletter or Web site, you have specialized knowledge or information in written form. If you were to take a year's worth of monthly newsletters, you'd probably have enough to compile a book-at the least an eBook.

Producing information products is something you've been meaning to get around to, but frankly, who has the time? Sure, your competitors have some products and you're envious, but how did they ever find the time to write those books or record those tape sets? The initial answer to that is they didn't do it alone. And secondarily, they didn't do it overnight. Well, you're not alone in this anyway. You can partner with someone who loves to write and share the profits. Or you can hire a ghostwriter and have them write and produce your information product empire. And although you won't do it overnight, you can do it quicker than you imagined.

If you want to take a stab at this yourself, then here are some helpful hints to get you started NOW!

1. PLAN - create a master plan of all the products you'd like to produce and possible titles or subject areas they will address.

2. FOCUS - choose the theme for your first project based on your greatest area of interest or expertise and especially the interests and needs of your clients and prospects.

3. GATHER - assemble all the written materials you already have, including computer files, notes, research, other people's articles, and all your newsletters, talks, etc.

4. ORGANIZE - create an outline for your initial project, which could be chapter titles for your eBook or tracts for your CD.

5. COLLATE - code your materials as to what goes into each chapter. If something is not appropriate for this project, create a file to save it for a future project in your overall plan.

6. INPUT - start putting the appropriate data into its appropriate place in your outline.

7. ENHANCE - fill in the empty spaces from articles you've saved or do some research on the Internet or from books on the subject.

8. WEAVE - mesh everything into the format of a book, eBook, CD or other information product. Have some examples to use as samples.

9. EDIT - review your project several times from the perspective of the author and the reader or listener. Have some respected friends or business associates offer feedback.

10. PRODUCE - you're finished creating, so now it's time to put that eBook, tape, etc. into form for others to learn from and for you to enjoy passive income as an info guru!

Are you waiting or creating? The perfect time to create your information products is NOW!

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