Selling Books and E-Books Online

For many authors the thought of getting professionally published is little more than a dream. That was until the advent of the internet started threatening the very existence of publishers. As the internet started gaining momentum, real world publishers started finding strategic ways to ensure a peaceful co-existence with online publishers and self published authors. However to this day, traditional publishers are seeing only a small growth rate of 5%, while ebook sales soar at about a 30% growth rate. The exciting news for many authors is that you now don't need to subject yourself to the rejection notices and snobbery of the publishing community.

You can now simply publish and sell your book online in soft cover, hardcover or ebook format and make extraordinary profits (more so than you would have made from an established publisher). Countless authors are brining in thousands of dollars on a monthly basis promoting their works online. It's a reality that people are incorporating ecommerce transactions into their daily routines and a good portion of those transactions involve the acquisition of information and entertainment. Many authors have a hard time getting their heads around the fact that people are buying books and ebooks online. Many authors believe that customers need to "shop in real stores" or "ebooks won't work because people need to hold and see the book".

These statements couldn't be further from the truth. The fact remains that books stores such as Amazon dot com have sales in the billions of dollars; proving that people WANT to buy books online. As well Stephen King had released a book exclusively in ebook format. The book became one of the most anticipated releases as well as THE MOST successful book (not ebook) release in human history. People flocked to web merchants to buy his book, again proving that customers buy books and ebooks online. So why do so many authors ignore the net? Mainly because they are stuck in their ways.

They have a 1997 mentality and refuse to change, and by doing so limit their financial success as authors. The bottom line is, you don't need to be a Stephen king, or an to sell online. Countless "unknown" authors are making a killing online and for the first time, getting recognition as an author.

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