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As A Caterpillar

"Happiness can be as elusive as a fluttering butterlfy but as easily attainable as a crawling caterpillar. Put aside the net, and let it happen."
Brain G. Jett

What an interesting statement this is as well as truthful. There is a phrase often heard today, "Keep it simple." If we could only do this more easily, we all might be much happier.

When things are not going well and you find yourself struggling, slow down, take a deep breath or two, and ask yourself what is it that you are really seeking? And, what it is that is getting in your way of obtaining what you desire?

In order to become that beautiful butterly, the caterpillar was rather ugly. To become more beautiful, the caterpillar had to pay its dues so to speak. It took hard work to weave the chrysalis around its body, in which it would be encased to grow and metamorphous into the new and lovely creature.

Patience is at stake here. So ask yourself, how can I simplify my life, this task, this job, this adventure, and possibly this relationship? Dare not to control things so much and see what beauty emerges.

Copyright 2005

Karlynn Baker

Karlynn is originally from Southern California but moved to Arizona to work on her Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and also specialized in addictions. She owns The Employee Assistance of Tucson, Inc., providing counseling and training for employees and their dependents. It is very rewarding work. She believes in helping people to help themselves. She enjoys her life with her husband, David, her three daughters, and her two adorable grandsons.

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