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L.S. Macs Treasures

Such as my defeat overwhelmed me, so did my love for creating websites! I have four of my own presently. I use these as therapy, you can find your own hobby that keeps your mind at a happy level and life is good.

Before finding peace in my life, this is what caused my grief.I had my life as I had known it completely destroyed. I was to have some basic minimally invasive or laproscopic female exploratory surgery. Which is normally always successful, unless your gynoclogist pierces your bladder with the tool. Three days later I was completely shutting down, not knowing what was wrong with me. I did call the doctor to try to explain I was ill, but he just called in some pain pills and told me I was just recovering from the surgery. The pain pills, along with the fever from all the infection inside of my body kept me knocked out, I slept for days. My boyfriend, who is my husband now, got really concerned and called another doctor and was told to rush me immediately to the ER. He did as instructed and I was saved by this action. I spent 10 days in the hospital being cut completely down my front, starting at the naval. My organs were full of infection. I had to be put back together, and also had bladder repair surgery. I was out of work for 4 months with home health care nurses, the works. My personal credit which I had worked so hard to create in outstanding fashion was destroyed and hasn't recovered as to this day yet.

This happened in 2001. It is now 2005, and I had yet another surgery from the extenuating problems from the first surgery. I had to have a complete hysterectomy, my female organs never operated correctly again. I had at this time also, double hernia repair because you become susceptible to hernias whenever your stomach walls have been cut. I had scar tissue growing around my intestines from the first surgery, so my bowel was entwined. This was also corrected at this time. I had three surgeons in there with me. My recovery time was four months once again. My personal credit report is a nightmare, I don't know if I can ever repair it? I am feeling much better these days, but I still can't completely shake the depression. I take medications to help this condition.

As I stated, in this article before I explained all the tragedy, I have found things that make me happy to keep busy with. I love the internet and learning from this wonderful avenue of communication! This communication is also healthy for repairing my faith in this human race, good therapy! My websites supplement my income and help me to make ends meet.

I am a strong individual and I will continue to fight back against a system, I don't understand, our laws at times, seem to protect the criminal? So be it, I have my complete trust in God and myself. I welcome any questions through my email Thank You! Have A Wonderful Day!

My personal story, by Linda S. McRae

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