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Body Calling: Eye Sight Cured Naturally

Lorenzo C. an inspiring young teenager who fell to the inevitable statistics of a major automobile accident. A victim in the back seat of his family's car that had been involved in an accident and their car lost control and hit a tree, crushing down on Lorenzo's side of the vehicle and on Lorenzo. Rushed to emergency care Lorenzo survived but suffered severe eye damage. After many months in cosmetic reconstruction and surgery doctor's final diagnosis was poor, if not null and void. Lorenzo's father went to all levels of research and help to restore his son's eyesight, to no avail. Then one day the father ran into an old friend, Professional Golfer, Justin Morris, who suggested Lorenzo take vitamin nutritionals and supplementations and one specifically referred to as Visionex. Lorenzo began taking them with his meals daily as a regular course of action, pretty much auto-pilot.

After several months and doctor visits had gone by, Lorenzo's eye sight and loss of eye movement due to major eye and nerve damage began to show signs of improvement! The doctor began asking questions to his dedicated father "What has Lorenzo been taking?" "Or what have you been doing differently?" The father replies, "Nothing really out of the ordinary. His grandmother and I take good care of him and do everything we can for Lorenzo." A few months go by and the Doctor is absolutely astonished. Lorenzo's has regained almost 100% of his eysight and movement. The Doctor is serioulsy flabbergasted and tells his father "There must be something you are doing or taking for this incredible improvement to occur?" It finally dawned on his father, like most of us, vitamins have always been a given, but he then realized and mentioned to their doctor: "Maybe it's the vitamin nutritionals and the Visionex all natural supplements."

The Doctor researched it further and was revolutionized by the miraculaous results. His practice now promotes the benefits of vitamin nutritionals and supplementations.

To make a long story short... Parents will never give up hope for their children. This is a perfect example of how wonderfully our bodies can heal itself with the proper nutrition, supplementation and education.

Gina Bucci is good friends with Lorenzo's Father, Larry Caramar. For more valuable insight and to obtain top quality nutritional supplements visit my website: and take the Free Health assessment. Also do a product search for Visionex- This comprehensive formula is designed to maintain long-term eye health with two of the most powerful free-radical fighting antioxidants; lutein and zeaxanthin.

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