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Purpose filled Lives --The Big Picture!

"Can't see the forest because of the trees," heardit all my life, didn't really understand it untilI jumped out of a plane though.

Last week I told you I went ski diving. Once theparachute opened I allowed myself to enjoy theride. One thing I noticed was how thick the forestwas below, how green the trees were and whatthings seemed close were in reality miles away.However, on the ground you wouldn't be able to seefifty feet in front of you because of all thelimbs and bushes. And with that I realized howshort sighted I had become, not only my vision,but also in my thinking. This tree, that tree,watch out for that poison oak, oh look out forthat hole. After a while, where has the beautygone? I didn't see green plush trees that went onfor miles, all I saw was what I focused right infront of me.

In my younger days I would hear people say, "Theproof is in the pudding". Well, I am here to tellyou, the proof is NOT always in the pudding, noris it in the beauty in the trees. In our livesit's the same way. We become so legalistic in ourthinking and ways that we loose sight of thepurpose Jesus has for us. What is the big picture?Is it in the pudding and the details NO, it's inthe SOUL!! It's not about us, it's about others.Winning them to give their hearts to Christ. Thatis what it is all about, that's our forest, "asmany as possible before I return." that is what hesays.

Yet, we worry about what one may say, or the primand proper way of doing something or wantingrediance is in this approach. The beauty is inconveying Jesus' love for us.

Failing to see the forest for the trees is likedriving a car through some parking lot that hasspeed bumps. If you focus so much on the bumpthey feel larger than life, yet if you focus onyour destination then a little bump here andanother one there seems like a piece of pebble.

Don't let the little things get you down in lifethis week. Focus on the bigger picture andpurpose of what Jesus has for you. One of thebiggest tragedy's you can have is not living alife that Jesus has for you. The question is, "Canyou say you are living it?" Life is not in thetrees nor is it in the proof of the pudding, lifeis in Jesus Christ almighty. Live a purpose filledlife this week.

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