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Lifetime of Discoveries: Moments of Peace and Renewal

There are discoveries all around us—small gifts of joy that bring moments of peace and renewal.

Yet it is easy to miss the small things of uncommon value and inspiration—the cycles of life in a thriving forest, the perfection of a brilliant flower, the purposefulness of a delicate butterfly, or the spiritual beauty within another soul.

If we would stop for only a moment to marvel at this blessing of life, we would find many heart-stirring discoveries where we least expect them.

A small shift in the way we view a situation can make a life-changing difference.

A purposeful change in perspective can spark a sense of freedom, spiritual vision, and peace of mind. It can uncover a life purpose that has gone undetected. It can heal a hurt that has burdened someone for years.

Take time to listen to the emotion in the voice of a friend, feel the warmth of the sunshine, or view the perfect design in the smallest leaf or a cluster of stars.

Become still.

Listen to the voice inside your heart without judging its message. What does it tell you?

Notice and acknowledge your feelings around any situation that might trouble you.

Then ask yourself, "How could I view this situation differently? What new perspective might turn this into a blessing for me or someone else?"

You will be pleased with the sense of freedom and peace it brings to you.

A lifetime of rewarding discoveries is waiting for all who will stop, look, and listen with faith.

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