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Relax. Its Just Your Life

What am I supposed to do with my life? Shouldn't I be doing something...well...more?

These questions haunt everyone from time to time. Personally, I can't count the number of times my acquaintances and I have batted this philosophical shuttlecock around a conversational circle. More often then not, the discussion gets bogged down in the seemingly immiscible oil-and-water struggle between the "idealists", who are sure anything is possible if you just believe, and the "realists" who claim that between taxes, child-rearing and battles over tenure and seniority there simply isn't time for belief in the promise that "your check is in the mail," let alone anything more esoteric like living the life of your dreams.

I can't help but feel that most of us are going about this issue the wrong way - simply trying too hard to get it right the first time and ending up doing nothing out of fear that we will get it wrong, and not find out until we're too far down the road to find our way back to the starting point. Unfortunately, by the time we realize that we haven't actually chosen anything we often discover that the choice was made for us long ago by our inattention.

Instead of trying to figure out the eternal (and unanswerable) question of, "What should I do with my life," consider just living life, and living it well. There's nothing wrong with simply picking up a comfortable mix of jobs, hobbies, causes, volunteering and fun stuff that you really want to do and enjoy doing, and then doing them to the best of your ability with no intent to be anything other than yourself at your best. If you do this, one of two things will most certainly happen:

1. You will eventually stumble across something you want to do while you're out enjoying your life.

2. You won't stumble across whatever it is you want to do, but will enjoy living your life anyway, creating a warm, cheerful and loving environment for those around you in the process.

Either way, you will have a happy, enjoyable life that you can be proud of reliving in the hereafter, and you may end up coming across something wondrous. One thing I do know is that while all of us are capable of doing great things, not too many of us realize that not everybody has to climb to the top of the mountain and be a hero to do this.

Even if you just spend your life being kind, happy and pleasant, puttering around at your hobbies, helping others when you can and generally just making the world around your little sphere of influence a little cheerier by virtue of your smiling, whistling presence, that's a great work in and of itself. Too many people, feeling that pull to "make something of themselves," fail to realize that who they already are is enough.

So why not just relax, enjoy your life and let it unfold as it will. Many who believe in reincarnation believe that some lifetimes are just for enjoying the view, a vacation of sorts, and many others believe that it is as much a sin to forgo permissible pleasures as it is to avoid the forbidden ones. Surely our Creator would not create such a beautiful world as this and then be offended if we were so taken with it that we spent our lives enjoying it and each other. Enjoy your life and enjoy the lives of those around you. And if you just so happen to find "great work" while you're at it, well that's just the icing on the cake.

(c) Soni Pitts


Soni Pitts is the Chief Visionary Butt-Kicker of SoniPitts.Com. She specializes in helping others reclaim "soul proprietorship" in their lives and to begin living the life their Creator always intended for them.

She is the author of the free e-book "50 Ways To Reach Your Goals" and over 100 self-help and inspirational articles, as well as other products and resources designed to facilitate this process of personal growth and spiritual development.

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