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The Fuel for Creative Vigor

Writing a book or creating a killer headline requires a special blend of imagination, inspiration, and knowledge. Whether the ordeal is like enduring a root canal or soaring on a cloud, depends on how upbeat you are. The fuel of creative vigor is enthusiasm.

It is practically impossible to create with a negative attitude. Unless you are excited about what you are doing it can be like climbing a mountain with lead shoes. If you are thrilled with your assignment, your motivation goes through the roof. You feel like you need to fasten yourself down to avoid soaring with the birds.

The obvious answer to being upbeat is to do what you have a passion for. We often think that we can go to school and learn to do anything we desire. The truth of the matter is that unless you choose something you have a talent for you will never be any more than mediocre.

Write when you are in an upbeat mood. Let your right brain set your imagination wild. Don't correct anything. Just explore everything that thrills your soul. When you are finished, then resort to logic and common sense. Let your left brain take over and correct the obvious mistakes. It is good to write a little extra so than when you cut absurdities and repetition you will have enough.

Everyone has frustrations that put them in a foul mood. Sometimes it seems that everything you do turns to mud. How do you recover from such low spirits? It's time to take a break. I know of a TV technician that was baffled with several intermittent units on the bench. You may have to watch such things for days before they cut out. When this fellow saw what, he was up against, he said, "There is only one thing to do, go get a cup of coffee."

When you get stuck on a tough problem, go do something you enjoy.Sometimes you work on a stumper so long that your mind freezes up. If your brain is jammed with failed solutions and not responding, taking a break will reset it. Doing something else for a while and going back to it often lets you see what you were overlooking.

Successful people learn how to tell their minds what to think about. They refuse to listen to negative thoughts. This is not to say that they ignore their problems. If you are all negative or all positive, you have unbalanced thinking. If you are all positive, you may overlook the problems coming up and fail to prepare for them. If you are all negative, you don't see your abilities to overcome obstacles. The trick is to think of problems without becoming negative. Think instead of the solutions.

How do you keep yourself fired up with of enthusiasm? Think about your successes and the great achievements of others. Read positive material. Count your blessings. Most of us ignore the tremendous power of our brains. We seldom take advantage of it. Think about where you want to be several years down the road, and how to get there. Turn your imagination loose! There are solutions you haven't even thought of. Imagine dreaming up things that will make you rich! How do you think great inventions and masterpiece works of art came about? They were conjured up in the mind using the imagination.

Small dreams do not have the capacity to stir your soul. Set big goals. Reach for the stars! So what if you don't reach them. You will still go farther than if you didn't try. Success is not something that you achieve and then take it easy. Those that rest on their laurels soon find themselves far behind the leaders. Life is a journey. You have to keep thinking of ways to make more sales or improve whatever you do. That's where your imagination and inspiration set your enthusiasm on fire. Don't try to restrain it. Let it soar! Your creative vigor feeds on your excitement.

Give yourself time to dream. Sometimes you rule out solutions that seem far-fetched. Explore how to make them work. You never know when you will find a gem. Fortunes have been made by simply finding a better way to do things. You don't have to invent the wheel. Just make it run smoother. When you have a great idea, explore how to implement it. Simply finding a way to keep glasses from slipping down the nose could make you famous. As Napoleon Hill says, think and grow rich.

Fire up your imagination! Let your dreams inspire you to greater heights! When your innovative juices hit warp speed, your creative vigor will soar in the clouds. Don't forget that creation takes more perspiration than inspiration. It takes patience to make everything fit together. Roll up your sleeves and create a masterpiece


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