You Can Publish an Ezine

Publishing an Ezine can be scary to the newbie. But you can do it. Your Ezine helps you keep in contact with your list which will build a relationship of trust with your readers and is one of the best ways to promote your business.

To those who are Ezine is an electronic Newsletter normally mailed periodically to a list of opt-in subscribers. This means subscribers who have voluntarily signed up to receive your publication.

Make sure that you comply with the recent Can Spam Laws byhaving your name, email address and mailing address in all of the mailings you send out. Be sure that you do not use subject lines that may be misleading to people hoping to getthem to open you emails. Do not send email to someone who has not asked for it. If you do, you can be accused of spamming.

Don't send your publication to someone who has not asked to receive it. You must be sure that your subscribers are double opt-in. This is really very simple. They subscribe and you send them a confirmation email asking them to reply to make sure that they are the ones who subscribed. This will help keep you from being accused of being a spammer.

These are some of the things to include in your Ezine:

*Table of Contents
*Quality Articles
*An Editorial
*Good Products
*Include Resource Links
*Be yourself
*Include Question and Answers
*Privacy Policy
*Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information

As you publish your Ezine try to bond with your readers, limit your advertising and strive for a quality Ezine. If you will do this you will have a quality product readers will appreciate.

When you publish an Ezine, your readers get to be more than an email address to you. After some time, they will come to rely on you and your publication.

In the beginning I had great concern that I would be able to produce an Ezine, but I have been writing and producingmy Ezine for quite a while now and my confidence has grown. After you start publishing your Ezine and you have a few copies under your belt, those doubts will vanish and soon you will be brimming with confidence. You can do it and it won't be long before you are a pro.

I have met lots of new people, my business is doing well and I have developed a confidence that I never had before. This will happen for you as well. If I can publish an Ezine so can you.

Donnie De Loney

Donnie De Loney is owner of DY Marketing. Visit his site at to find out how to get your own PlugInProfit Site set up and ready to make money for you within 24 hours. Subscribe here to HomBzTips newsletter.

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