Lesson #6: Six Simple Steps to Writing Magnetically Charged Email Messages!

If you remember, the majority of people (i.e., 68%) need to see your sales message more than once before they even think about going ahead. This is applicable to every market.

But, Does Following Up Really Get Results?

While most people understand the concept that using a smart autoresponder saves a lot of time by putting one's business on autopilot.

Become Relentless Like a Collection Agent!

After a prospect asks for more information on your offer via your autoresponder, it can automatically deliver your series of pre-written follow-up email messages in preset intervals.

By creating a sense of urgency (such as by making your offer time-sensitive), your follow-ups can help reinforce that urgency in subsequent mailings and add weight to your offer!

Your follow-ups can nudge prospects into action!

Plus, by adding an extra incentive with each mailing, your offer becomes more valuable and more difficult to ignore.

These additional bonuses can simply be comprised of special reports, articles, ebooks, freeware, reviews or even courses delivered incrementally via smart autoresponders.

Write Effective, Sales-Generating Emails

Writing an effective, response-generating email ad, whether it's a small, six-line ad or a full-length "solo" ad, is not as hard as it seems. It really needs to follow six simple steps:

Create an attention-grabbing headline,
State a problem (and present a solution)
Increase desire with ego-driven benefits
Use power words (like the word "FREE")
Call for some kind of action
And reinforce a sense of urgency.

1. The Headline


For starters, this ad has a headline that sucks you in to the ad and makes you want to read more. I mean, let's face it: who wouldn't want to know how to double his or her sales?

The headline entices you with a powerful benefit and makes you curious. In fact, an attention-grabbing headline is proven to result in as much as a 1,700% boost in response rate!

2. Problem/Solution

That secret is "follow up" -- but the trick is to be fast,
repetitive, personalized and consistent.

The body of the ad then gets straight to the point and tells you what the secret is right away. But it then pushes "hot buttons" by stating a problem and offering a solution...

New, sophisticated autoresponder does all that for you ... And more!

3. Benefits

SAVE time and money.

The problem is solved but only if the prospect takes your solution... And it may not be enough. So, the trick, here, is to increase desire by conveying more benefits of your offer.

4. Power Words


Words that help increase interest, curiosity and desire are those that help to paint vivid pictures in the mind, and offer some kind of direct incentive or reward to the reader.

For example, some words are proven to "pull" more, such as: "discount," "guarantee" and "free." But obviously, no incentive can be more direct than one with the word "free" in it!

5. Call-to-Action

Don't wait, go now: http://www.sharehobby.com

Don't be shy. Tell them what to do. It's the most vital step to follow! This can be as simple as telling the reader to visit your website right now or to email an autoresponder address.

6. Sense of Urgency

Finally, try to create scarcity with your ad or add a sense of urgency. Make the offer time-sensitive or quantity-bound. The more you do, the more responses you will get!

Urgency is Where It's At!

Let's say you've purchased space for a solo ad in an ezine and wanted to expand the above ad. The easiest way to do this would be to add more benefits and a few testimonials.

But another effective way is to also add scarcity into your ad in order to give the reader several reasons to respond NOW! For example, you might add the following note to the ad...

Please note: this special price is only available for the
readers of [ezine] until [future date]. After that date,
however, we will be raising it to the ordinary price and
may never repeat this offer again! So, please act today.

Of course, this will only work if you're honestly raising prices. But you may be offering, say, the extra bonuses for a limited time, or perhaps there are only 17 of your products left.

A final addition to your solo ad should definitely be a "P.S." at the end. A "P.S." is usually the second most read part of your letter (after the headline, of course).

Use one (or more) to not only highlight the main benefits or even a guarantee, but also to remind readers of a deadline or to reinforce the urgency - maybe with an added bonus.

Here's how you could use one if you were selling an ebook...

P.S.: As an added incentive, you get 30 extra days to
review this information. If it's not everything you've
hoped for and more, I urge you to contact us right away and
we'll refund you on the spot and let you keep the free
gifts! However, this additional incentive is offered only
for the first 500 visitors. So, you must hurry and act now!

Follow these six simple steps and you'll be able to create a powerful email ad to advertise your autoresponder in... One that will generate tons of visitors and sales every time!

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