How To Make Your Subscribers Stick To You Like Super Glue

One of the biggest obstacles to building a good sized opt in list is the drop out rate. Sometimes it seems subscribers are leaving as fast as they are joining. This slows down the overall growth rate.

This can make the whole process of list building frustrating. For this reason many list builders get into a pattern of starting and quitting which can further slow down the overall list building process.

Unfortunately most of the strategies for list building suffer from a negative quality. The conventional wisdom still has Internet marketers using ebooks, software, e-courses, auto responder series and such to build and keep their lists.

The problem is that at least as far as building and keeping mailing lists ebooks and software have become practically worthless. Even the highest quality most information packed ebook has very little value.

Many marketers don't want to hear this but it is absolutely true. First, the information that it gives you is almost always something that we've heard or read before.

How many different ways can an author repeat the same things. How many times have you heard that it is important to build lists for instance? Or to collect email addresses before sending prospects to your affiliate page?

What about writing articles for free traffic or tracking your ads so you know what works and what doesn't? Most secrets are not really secret anymore so ebooks tend to be just reworded and recycled information.

Secondly, once the ebook has been read or e-course is finished what's to keep your subscriber from un-subscribing? You have to constantly try to keep the subscribers interest. This is very hard to do because we are constantly bombarded with more and more information from different sources.

In looking back over time at which newsletters or lists that I stay subscribed to I find a common characteristic in about 75% or more of them. That common theme is an association with password protected sites.

This can be password access to a directory or a download site. It can be access to special software that I use while logged in. Sometimes the password is changed monthly so that I will remain on the list but not always.

Right now I belong to a couple of websites that are regularly upgraded with free downloadable ebooks and software. I belong to a password protected ezine directory that is regularly upgraded.

I also belong to password protected sites that offer everything from free ad trackers and banner rotators to free scripts and clickbank storefronts. It is unlikely that I'll be unsubscribing from these associated lists/sites anytime soon.

When you give subscribers something that is continually useful. Something that they really want, you don't have to worry about keeping them. They keep YOU!

For instance most internet marketers are familiar with clickbank. I joined a free membership site that offers among other things a free clickbank portal. All I do is enter my clickbank username and I can sell thousands of clickbanks products from one url.

Why would I unsubscribe from this list? Other companies charge $30 to $90 for this type of storefront.

Here's the key. Give your subscribers access to something that others are making them pay for. Give them for free what they would be willing to pay for.

Do this and they will get to know and trust you. And they'll buy from you. This trust takes a little time no matter what some sales letter might say to the contrary.

Take the time to build trusting relationships and you'll do very well. This has ALWAYS been true in business and Internet marketing is no different.

(c) 2004 by David McCammon

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