Top 3 Steps to Success Building the Relationships

Marketing is a broad business subject that encompasses a range of activities including advertising, public relations, sales, promotions and building relationships.

Building relationships-often called networking-is a vital foundation for the building of a strong business of any size. Start by building relationships with other like-minded people and those with whom you share interests. The more relationships you build with other people, the longer your lists of people are who may buy from you or join your business venture.

Bruce DeYoung in "What's Relationship Marketing?" gives a definition of this idea: relationship marketing is the process of attracting, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with people. You must seek ways to gain a prospect's trust and find ways to meet their needs. This concept has recently been discussed frequently in the media. But it is not new. DeYoung wrote his article in 1988 and some of his references go back to 1983.How are relationships built?

For starters, be helpful. Find some things your prospect wants and establish ways to get these for them. Try doing something your prospect needs, or give advice if desired. You will need to share information to accomplish this. Relationship marketing cannot be selfish or self-centered. For success building the relationships. There are Top 3 steps :

1. Successfully Using Discussion Board As A Marketing Tool.

For example, suppose your interests include cooking, swapping recipes, dinner parties, or parties in general (also known as get-togethers of family and friends). Look for sites with discussion boards on such topics and sign up. Then get yourself involved in some of the topics that are on the board by adding to the topic of discussion before ever trying to make a sale or a recruit out of anyone on that particular board.

With all discussion boards, the owners will allow you to set up what is called a signature file. This is a footer for all your posts with your name, a link (or two) to your Websites that are relevant to the topic of the discussion board. However, if the discussion board is a topic on cooking, don't put the links to business opportunities directly into your signature. This could turn off any potential clients that you may have and may violate discussion board rules or etiquette. Instead, consider building a small specialty Website with relevant products that would be of interest to those participating in the discussion board. On that Website, you can include a link to your business opportunity.

Continuing with the example above, let's say you are in an opportunity that sells a variety of products, and you have three items that are food or beverage related.

2. Successfully writing article As A Marketing Tool.

Everyone says writing articles with resource blocks and having them published in e-zines or websites is a good way to attract traffic and prospective customers. Lot of marketer do this, and we know it works. There are also many who simply refuse to distribute free articles, saying their writing efforts are too valuable to give away. They are entitled to their opinions. But we know articles work. we also know many of us do not have the international guru status many authors believe they have. So free articles are the best way for us to get our message out there. There are many paying opportunities for all kinds of writers. Many marketers do this, too, and get some results.

What if you hate to write? Use other people's articles after becoming an affiliate so you can sell their products. There are many e-books and other electronically distributed items for sale. Most of the producers are avid article writers and would be glad for you to use these with all the purchase links they put in them. That's why you need to become their affiliate.

3. Successfully Using E-mail As Marketing Toll.

This is the whole principle that e-mail marketing pivots upon: create an e-mail list, keep expanding it, and use it to bring customers back to your Website, where you convince them that your product, your service, and your value are outstanding. Your Website is where you will make the sale; the e-mail is what will bring customers there. -Sheri Waldrop, Owner of Proscribe Writing Service.

E-mail may bring customers, but before you can entice a visitor to your Website to give you their e-mail address, you have to make your site a place they want to visit-and stay. Using free offers to get the attention of your visitors when they visit your Website is still one of the best ways to build a relationship with that visitor and increase the chances that he or she will return.

Many people who are using the Internet are looking for information. Several key ways to keep them as returning visitors.

-Offer free downloads , Offering them premiums, give-aways, and downloads can be a very cost effective part of your advertising budget. If you type "free content," "free ebooks," or "free downloads" into your Google or other search engine, you'll find thousands of things that you can offer your Website visitors.

-To begin the process of turning these visitors from prospects into loyal customers, you need to develop an effective follow-up system. The use of autoresponders can be a very cost-effective way to follow up with those who have visited your Website. Autoresponders can be programmed with messages that you will use to close the deal on products that you are selling.

-By setting up an autoresponder form on your Website (available from your Website hosting service, or search for "autoresponder form" via search engine), your visitors can sign up for further information, newsletters, downloads, and other free offers. This in turn will give you and your visitors the opportunity for some interaction on your Website, thereby allowing you to build what is called an opt-in subscribers list or also known as an e-mail list.

Newsletters delivered by autoresponder to the names on your opt-in list are a great way to keep them informed with updated information about you, your services, or your products. It is best to keep your newsletters to one page. Keeping them short and precise, you will not lose the interest of your readers.

The best, and as yet by far the most productive, thing you can do for your subscriber list is to research any new information and products for them so that they will not have to. In today's age, most people are searching for quality information and products in less time.

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