Business Development: The Basic Ingredients

Cooking isn't much different than building a business. You have the basic ingredients all laid out on the counter and if you put them together in the right way - you have a nice meal to nourish your heart, body, and soul - and the pocket too. With a little creativity, it even comes out looking pretty too.

So, what ingredients do you need?

For a recipe?

o some meat

o some veggies

o some substance

o something to hold it all together

o some flavor

o some people to serve it to

For a business?

* some product

* a little variety

* a marketing method

* a business plan to put it all together

* a presentation

* some customers to buy the product

With the recipe you need to cook up the meat and add the veggies. Add in some "substance" in the form of rice or pasta. Put the sauce on and season it to taste. Serve it up with a smile, some laughter, and your family is fed.

With a business you need to get your product together (if it's a service, you need to define it). Add some variety by way of service for your product or sideline products, and decide how you want to market your business. Put it all together with a good solid marketing plan - get your clientele together and present it.

If you notice in both instances you need someone to eat your product - or at least in the case of a business use your product if it isn't Vermont Shortbread(tm). You might now be asking which is the most important ingredient, and I want to make it very clear that if you have the best casserole in the country created and sitting on the table and nobody there to eat it, you've wasted your time, your effort, and your resources. If you are making the casserole for yourself - wonderful, make it and enjoy it, but realize you aren't nourishing anyone else.

In the case of a business - you aren't making any money if you are doing it just for yourself.

You have to determine on the front side if you have a clientele or not and who they are. Present your product to them.

Copyright (c) 2005 - Jan Verhoeff

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