Entrepreneurial Hate, its out there

Today, I got an email from a lady who hates all business people and entrepreneurs, because they are Greedy, Arrogant and a Host of other atrocities. She was replying to an article I wrote about entrepreneurs and how they bring to the civilization; everything you see, everywhere you go and without us, you would have nothing. Here is the email I received:

"Dear Entrepreneurial One,

Well it was not the entrepreneur that did all this. It was the consumer who bought the stuff from you. If we didn't have needs we would not buy what you produced. It is the consumer who should be guarded from Greedy Corporations.

I run a co-op and live in San Francisco and we are able to provide many of the items we need for food, without going to the grocery store and buying your genetically modified corn on the cob or your steroid downer cows. There is a little farm near Eugene OR, which has fresh produce grown organically and they can feed our entire Co-op of 100 gay and straight couples here in San Francisco. My girlfriend soon to be my spouse is now living outside of Boston the Cape near Martha's vineyard and she is going to start a co-op too so when I move there to get married we can have all the freshness we need.

Greedy corporations are over fishing our oceans and they are tampering with our foods and feeding our children Prozac, then lobbying for more wars so when our children grow up they will have to be drafted to go kill innocent little poor teenagers who had no choice but to join Jihad to feed themselves. It is a cycle of poverty and it is the Greedy Multi National Corporations who caused this. Because of money, it is always about money. Chinese people are very nice we have over 600 or more living near us, which came over on boats. Some of these people are actually from North Korea and snuck here on passing ships to South San Francisco harbor. We are protecting them because they came here for a better life to feed their families. We want to help them get out of the gang and crime scene here and stop working as prostitutes, so a few are now helping us in the co-op. We also have many people from Islam here, who we feed and donate money too, some money they send back home to help non-profits because there are no opportunities there in their home countries.

Greedy corporations and those people like you, Mr. Entrepreneur, no one told you to work that hard, you should find spirituality and mellow out; go to the opera or watch the sunset, take a vacation. Besides if all the business people were honest and would stop polluting and killing the sea life, our Co-op would not have to write thousands of letters and email all of our politicians every day to stop you."

It of course is hard for someone like me to battle with such logic? I guess I will let this one go. For all the sound and fury and lack of responsibility in the Human Race, it is amazing it all works so well.

Signed; "The Entrepreneur"

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