Do You Want to Just Survive or Thrive? (Part 1)

You've probably heard this, or maybe you will relate to this personally. Have you ever arrived somewhere and wondered, "How did I get here?" or "Why am I here?"

Have you ever wondered if you've missed the boat (with your family on it)?

Life is a battle that must be fought if there is to be a favorable outcome for you, as well as those around you that count the most. But often, we are fighting battles that don't lead to a desirable outcome, a dream or an ambition realized.

They are reactive wars that are based on barely surviving.

Do you want to just survive or thrive?

For me, thriving offers an alternative way of living that brings abundant outcomes.

Let's face it. We all have a basic survival instinct and so it doesn't matter how tough life gets? as humans we survive. Like many people, I used to save my head off and forgo life's "material pleasures" which by the way - have no substance.

I'm talking about nice cars, houses, televisions, furniture? it's all based on fake reality.

Anyway, we struggled and battled and fought to save money so we could get ahead a bit faster. Get ahead to where?

That was the question that I started to ask myself. "What does it all mean? Who cares if I have all these "nice things" to play with? Surely that's not what life is supposed to be about?" The endless fight that we were fighting was not bringing us the real stuff that counted.

It wasn't bringing me more time with my family to appreciate and experience LIFE.

It wasn't a fight that was mine!

And that's the bottom line! The fight that many of us face every day is often not a fight that by winning it makes us happy. So I resolved to become a warrior that fights for what I believe in. I resolved to become a warrior that fights for the life that is best suited to me and my family's lifestyle.

I resolved to fight for what counts!

It was my fault for my circumstances and it was because of lack of action towards the important elements in life. It was my fault and no one else could be blamed and no excuse could be used ? I was accountable!

Once this adjustment was made to my perspective, the doors to abundance began to open wide enough for me to sneak a peak. What I saw helped me to believe that maybe, just maybe, the lifestyle that my family and I want is possible for us.

It has become the fight of my life.

"Fighting to pay the bills is hardly worth it? fight for a better life!"

Jayce McMeeken is the founder of Absolute Coaching International and author of the inspirational book "Believe You Are RICH!". Want more money in your life? Want to grow your money fast but with safety? Visit Jayce at Please mention this article for a discount on any product.

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