How To Bring In Your First $100,000 With Infoproducts

Can you really earn a living creating and marketing ebooks, special reports, courses and other infoproducts?

Rather than just try to convince you of that fact, I figuredit's better to go one step further and show you exactly howit's done.

Creating your own infoproducts, writing ebooks, building courses or membership sites are often the launch pad for becoming an information entrepreneur spinning off multiplestreams of online income.

Your number may not be $100,000, it may be lower or higher,the fact is there is a way to continue to turn your knowledgeinto more profits quickly.

Here is an example of a typical infoproduct entrepreneur's progress toward $100,000.

Step 1. The First eBook or Infoproduct

You need to quickly launch your introductory ebook, video,audio or other information product and you need to find away to sell it for $47-$97.

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If you have selected your topic correctly - as outlined in my Ultimate Information Entreprenur's Success Package , then you can expect to sell 30-60 copies per month. Let's say you sell just50 copies per month at a price of $67 each --

50 X $67 = $3350/month or $40,200/year

Step 2. Teleseminar, Webinars or Interviews

The trick to building on your momentum is to leverage thesuccess of your first infoproduct by conducting a series ofteleseminars, webinars or interviews.

You want to produce at least 1 new audio/video product permonth.

There are many teleseminar or webinar services out there that allow you to control the entire session, and will shipyou the audio file with transcripts following the session.

You now have some additional income from the teleseminarsand from the resulting products --

12 Teleseminars X $555 (15 ppl X $37) = $6,660

80 Product Sales/month (4 New Products X 20 sales/month) X $67 = $5360/month or $32,160/year (only calculating 6-months of salesas it will take some time to build these products)

Step 3. Related Affiliate Products

While infopreneurs are product developers and marketers of theirown products first, it certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn'tbuild a list of subscribers and market affiliate products to your list.

Based on personal experience, it is certainly possible, and quiteeasy to pull in an extra $500-$1,000/month with well positionedaffiliate product promotions - even with a list as small as a couple thousand subscribers.

Let's be conservative and assume you run two affiliate promotionsper month each bringing in $400 --

24 Affiliate Promotions X $400 = $9,600/year

Step 4. Show People The Solution - Videos

Technology has advanced to the point where you can easily producevery high quality videos from your own home office.

These videos can be tutorials showing screen shots, interviewswith experts or a combination of camcorder shots with screenshots.

Now, there is tremendous money to be made in developing multimediabased products - however we will be very conservative with our estimates here, we'll assume you develop this product 6-months into your business and that it will be a $47 DVD (in reality theycan often be priced much higher - depending on the topic and uniqueness of content) --

25 sales X $47 = $1175/month or $7050/6months

Step 5. Offer Services

If you have selected your market carefully, tapped into a waveof demand and offered a unique solution or system to solve a particular problem - then people will come to you looking forhelp beyond your product.

Offering consulting, coaching, mentoring, implementation or otherservices may not be your first goal, but the requests will come and you may as well prepare by pricing and marketing your servicesin advance.

To this day, I still fight most consulting engagements - I simply love creating products too much. But offering consulting or otherservices does bump up your monthly income and is a great way to stay in touch with your market - first hand.

Typical consulting rates range from $150-$300/hour. For this example, I'll assume minimal consulting at just 10-hours per month and assume your first consulting income will not begenerated for the first 6-months as you build your customersand reputation.

10hours/month X $150/hour = $1,500/month or $9,000/6months


So far we have the following:

$40,200 from main product
$6,660 paid teleseminars
$32,160 additional products from recording teleseminars
$9,600 from related affiliate products
$7,050 from video/multimedia products
$9,000 from consulting and services

TOTAL $104,670

What I have outlined here is a completely reasonable, and in manycases, very conservative estimate of what you can do in your firstyear of becoming an infopreneur.

It's the model I followed, as have most other online marketing successstories. While the split of numbers may look different, the categoriesare pretty consistent.

Most important is that you select a target market and niche demandthat is red-hot, in-demand and that people have proven the propensityto spend.

From there, you will find that blowing the estimates used above outof the water is a very realistic possibility.

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