20 Ways to Increase Web$ite Traffic and $ales with eBooks

Here's a fast, easy list for you. Use it as checklist tosee what you need to do to increase traffic. Or use it as areview list if you have already been working on improvingyour website traffic. It will help you find ways that youmight have known or forgotten.

1. People love to receive free or win free stuff, whetherthey really need it or want it. A free eBook is perfect tosatisfy those needs over the Internet. They will visit yourwebsite to get the free valuable information.

2. Give away the full version of your eBook in exchange fortestimonials. You can use these customer statements toimprove your ads' effectiveness.

3. When you create an eBook, you change your image to"Expert." This will gain people's trust and they will buyyour main product or service quicker.

4. Publish your website in eBook format. Put the eBook on adisk or CD-ROM then include it with your direct mailpackages. This can increase the number of people that buyyour product or service.

5. Offer your eBook as a free bonus for buying one of yourmain products or services. People will buy the product orservice more often when you offer a free bonus.

6. Allow people to download your free eBook, if they givethe e-mail addresses of 3 to 5 friends or associates thatwould be interested in your eBook. This will quickly buildyour e-mail list.

7. Create a directory of websites in eBook form. Listpeoples websites in the directory that will agree toadvertise the eBook on their website or e-zine (electronicnewsletter). This will give them an incentive to give awayor advertise your eBook.

8. Allow other people to give away your free eBook. Thiswill increase the number of people that will see your ad inthe eBook. You could also include a mini catalog of all yourproduct or services that you offer in the eBook.

9. Gain new leads by having people sign up and give youtheir contact information before they can download youreBook. This is a very effective way to conduct marketresearch.

10. Make money selling advertising space in your eBook. Youcould charge for full-page color ads, classified ads orbanners ads. You could also trade advertising space in youreBook for other forms of advertising.

11. Give away the eBook as a gift to your current customersas a way of letting them know you appreciate their business.Place an ad in the eBook for a new back end product you areoffering

12. Get free advertising by submitting your eBook to freebieand freeware/shareware websites. This will increase thenumber of people that will download your eBook and see yourad.

13. Make money by selling the reprint rights to those thatwould like to sell the eBook. You could also make even moremoney by selling the master rights. This would allow otherpeople to sell the reprint rights.

14. Hold a contest on your website so people can win youreBook. You will get free advertising by submitting yourcontest ad to free contest or sweepstakes directories. Justmake sure you publicize the winner's information -- theylove the acknowledgment.

15. You will gain valuable referrals from people tellingothers about your eBook. Word of mouth advertising can bevery effective.

16. Make money cross promoting your eBook with otherpeople's products or services. This technique doubles yourmarketing effort without spending more time and money onyour part.

17. Increase your e-zine subscribers by giving away youreBook to people that subscribe to your e-zine. This willgive people an incentive to subscribe. Allow your e-zinesubscribers to also give it away to multiply yoursubscribers.

18. Give away the eBook to people that join your affiliateprogram. This will increase the number of people thatsubscribe. You could also create an eBook for them to usethat will help them promote your product or service.

19. Give away the eBook in exchange for people leaving theircontact information. This will help you follow-up with theprospects that buy your main product or service.

20. Offer a free eBook that contains a couple of samplechapters. If they like it, give them the option of orderingthe full version. It would work just like a software demo orshareware.

You will want to print this list and keep it in your websiteimprovement file if you aren't quite ready. Or add it toyour planning list.

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