5 Tips To Help you start self publishing for profit

Here's a really simple way... to start your own businessselling information products.

How many times have you sat and wished you could profit frominformation products like the well known marketers do?But there's always something holding you back, you don'tknow how to write a book, you don't know how to sell online,or a million and one different obstacles you can think of.Well here are my 5 tips to make your online bookshop andpublishing empire more than just a dream.

1. you don't know how to write an e-book, or article foryourself?

There's a quick and simple way to get around this.Turn Other People's Information Formats Into A PublicationYou could get permission from a publisher to transcribe anaudioor video into a print or electronic publication. You wouldhave nothing to write and you could just pay them an up-front fee or royalties on your sales. Another alternative is to Compile A Publication - You could allow other authors andexperts to write the publication for you in exchange forfree publicity or other incentives. You would simply contact theauthors and experts you want and ask them to donate some content.

2. You don't know which format to use to publish your book.

There are several formats for publishing an e-book, the mostcommon, and easily distributed is in pdf format. To make iteven easier, here is a link to the Easy PDF PublishersToolkit with all the information you need to startpublishing your book.http://www.cashinonline.info/pdfAnother alternative is to publish as an executable file, butthis will limit your appeal to those people running acomputer which can open it. The pdf is favourite because itcan be read by most operating systems and computers.

3. You don't know how to setup a sales site

This is where you can use the power of the internet again,Package Your Publication With Other Products - You couldask similar but non-competing businesses to create a packagedeal. You would sell your publications or product together in one package deal.You would split the profit or each sells them separately for100% of the profits.

4. Another tip for saving you doing the selling

Others Give Away Your Publication And You Charge Them ForBulk Quantities - You could have others give away yourpublication and you receive a bulk purchase sale. For example a business may want 100 copies of your publication to give to their employees.You could charge them a lower cost per item because of the large quantity that you're selling.

5. Make more money with each book

Sell A Branded Copy Of Your Publication - You could allowother people to sell or give away the publication as theirown and charge them to place their ads in it. If it contains links to affiliate sites, offer people the opportunity to put their affiliate links in for a small fee, and if not yours will earn money when people purchase through them.


No matter what excuses you find for not starting sellingyour own e-book there is an answer if you really want tostart.

So stop making excuses, follow these tips and start makingmoney with your own e-books today.

(c) copyright 2005 by Douglas Titchmarsh


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