How to Uncover the Reason You Cant Sleep Tonight

If you are like me love your sleep!

Sleep deprivation has numerous positive but also negative effects. It may break our sleep neurons due to long times of sleeplessness causing malfunction. This will result in bad conduct or bad interaction or bad speech towards others.

Studies also illustrate that people deprived of sleep experience difficulties in thinking imaginative thoughts or terms. Also they suffer difficulties in delivering their declarations well. Without sleep, our brains grow weaker, and our actions and deeds will be affected.

Good sleep promotes regeneration of our system and maintains our good health and immune system function.

Physical and Other Dangers

Lack of sleep also poses dangers to ones body. As we have learned earlier, lack of sleep damages the brain and causes behavioral damages and because our brain controls the other functions in our body, sleep deprivation may also damage them.

It seems that people who lack sleep get sick more often. Also, sleep deprived persons are prone to accidents (particularly car accidents). I have found out in the internet that around 200,000 accidents are caused by sleeping drivers on their sleeping wheels.

The person who experiences sleep deprivation may also suffer financially. Because the brain (again) is affected, the person produces low-quality work. This may cause him to be kicked out of office or fired by his boss.

Sleep deprivation may also affect the person mentally. Studies shows that people who don't get enough sleep experience difficulties in remembering things and expressing their thoughts creatively.

Researches also suggest that people who lack sleep seem to age quicker than those who get enough sleep.It seems lack of sleep affects you in many ways and you need to take action where you can rather than accept it just happens to everyone.

You could be suffering from depression or anxiety problem of some kind.

Think about events and stresses you have at present from young children crying to horrible work environments. Something is causing this and its not always one factor but can be many.

A proper bedtime routine

Every time before you go to sleep, you listen to your favorite classical tune. Then the day came when you have to go on a business trip and you forgot to bring the classical tape with you. Night comes and you simply could not get yourself to sleep without listening to that music first. That classical melody is the anchor. It signals your brain to prepare for dreamland.

Anchors could be a very powerful instrument to put you to sleep. Some people could not get to sleep without having a midnight snack. Having a light snack may have a sedative effect and is not bad at all. But eating too much before going to slumber may affect the quality of your sleep.

There are certain anchors that you do not want to be associated with sleep. Avoid watching TV in bed, because it can stimulate your senses. Do not make your bedroom an office, because you might associate your work with sleeping time. As a general rule, your bedroom is designed only for sleep.

Researchers prove that using an alarm clock to wake you up is not good. They say that alarm clocks used to wake people disrupt the sleep cycle and keeps the sleeper from having a complete, natural, and high quality sleep.The use of alarm clock also promotes sleep problems for the following days.

Don't take naps if you have sleep problems.Just go to bed when you feel tired.A nice warm shower can relieve stress and relax your system.

Couple that with low light and some soothing music, and you'll feel much better when you go to sleep. You may even add some herbs like lavender, chamomile, or passion flower for a more pleasant experience.

Finally, just try and stand back and look at your present life circumstances and ask yourself are you content or feel stressed.Stress is bad for your body long term and you may have symptoms of depressive illness.

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