Depression Explained

Depression is a mental state marked by melancholy, pessimism or dejection.Depression can also be defined as a psychotic condition characterized by stuporous withdrawal from reality and intense guilt feelings.

Depression is characterized by the following:

Loss of confidence in oneself

Undue pessimism

A feeling of constant helplessness

Uncalled for or unexplainable mood changes-i.e an abrupt switch from happiness when nothing has happened to warrant it.

Rudeness or aggression that is without apparent cause or which is occasioned by some trivial incident.

An unreasonable demand for perfectionism, not only in oneself but also in one's loved ones, friends, business associates and even from things or situation.

Habitual underachievement especially if one is adequately equipped to do the work one is called upon to perform.

The inability to accept responsibility, often manifested by a recurrent loss of employment or unemployment.


Unreasonable feelings of persecution

Self destructive acts

Sexual deviation

Sudden and dramatic change in sleeping habits

Physical ailments and complaints for which there are no organic causes.

Most people have blue moods from time to time in their lives. Indeed, when faced with a personal tragedy like the death of a loved one, a normal healthy individual may well undergo a period of depression. A person suffering from the depressive reaction, however has persistent feelings of worthlessness and pessimism unrelated to events that might depress a normal person. An inability to cope with problem situation is gradually magnified into an inability to cope with anything at all. Attempts to mask the crisis by putting on a front-feigning cheerfulness and optimism-give way to episodes of total hopelessness. Suicide is often considered and sometimes attempted. Threat of suicide from a depressed person should always be regarded seriously.

Common physical symptoms accompanying depression are fatigue, loss of appetite, and insomania.

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