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Sexuality Information

How to Find the Female G-spot

The G-spot is a highly erogenous zone inside the vagina. It was discovered in 1950 by the gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg.

Wanking: The Last Taboo

In today's permissive society there are few taboos left. Teenagers are educated in areas of sex that would have shocked and embarrassed many married couples in previous centuries. Fantasies are discussed freely; and films become more and more explicit. Premarital sex is virtually the norm. Homosexuality, S&M, group sex, wife-swapping - all can be freely discussed in polite society now. More concern is registered over someone making a value judgement against such practices than whether or not someone indulges in them.

Sexual Energy!

How open are we when it comes to talking about sex? We are all so captivated, yet intimidated and shy about sex. It always seems to play in the back of our own minds. My question is just how much are we appreciative of our sexuality?

Spice It Up By Talking Dirty in the Bedroom

Have you ever been asked by your partner to talk dirty in bed? Ofcourse you have, almost everybody enjoys a little pillow talk inthe bedroom. The problem is, of course, when your partner asks you to say something dirty, and your mind draws a blank. Or worse, you freeze up; you aren't comfortable saying those things aloud.

BDSM Or The Art Of Kinky Sex

C?mon own up, when was the last time you clicked on those dirty Web sites and had your vicarious thrills by seeing men and women dressed in nothing other than harnesses, doing things to each other that can give any normal pervert a chill down his or her spine. You may raise your eyebrows in disgust, but in heart of hearts you do sometimes get tempted to try out things for yourself. And it is not only you lusty lads and dirty old men out there, it is also the oh-so-propah respectable ladies, who pine for such titillation.

If The Fire Is Gone From Your Sex Life

If the fire is gone from your sex life, one or both of you better get more creative about your sexual fantasies. Here are some things you can do:

Having Sex or Making Love

Actually, the difference between the two concepts is bigger than some of us would like it to be. And, as almost every time, women feel it the most. What is the difference? Well, love. Women need to be protected, looked after and loved as much in bed as in every day life.

Sexual Healing - Not Just for Marvin Gaye

If you occasionally tune into those sex shows on HBO, you may be shocked at what some people out there are buying and doing in the name of livening up their sex lives. Yes, having sex with the same person year after year can surely get predictable. Even so: do you really need battery-powered toys and instruction manuals to feel moved by the Ultimate Intimate Act? I'd venture a guess to say NO. And bets are on that Marvin Gaye wrote his famous song, "Sexual Healing," with the same thought in mind!

Four Ways Hell Slay Your Sex Drive

When you first met your guy, his carnal charisma probably had you breathless and purring for more. Yet, here you are, months or years down the road, and his bedroom antics don?t quite get the rise out of you they used to. Though studies show the overwhelming majority of women prefer cuddling and romantic walks to making love, this lack of sexual interest can harm your relationship. ?The only way to overcome the monotony that almost inevitably develops in a relationship is by ensuring that your relationship is as sexually exciting as it can possibly be,? says Shmuley Boteach, author of Kosher Sex. ?Studies show that when a couple?s sex life becomes inviting, exciting, and pleasurable, most of [a relationship?s] peripheral problems subside.?

What is the Best Position for Making Love?

Ever wondered which is the most sexual and feminine sexual position?

Sex, Love, and Poly-Behavioral Addiction

Proposing a New Diagnosis and Theory for Patients with Multiple AddictionsBy James Slobodzien, Psy.D., CSAC

Phone Sex - is It Cheating? or is It Better Than Cheating?

Everyone has an idea of what a professional phone sex call is like. "Hi sexy, I've been waiting for you all night...." as the Visa bill is charged up at $2.99 per minute. What exactly is the cost/benefit of all that heavy breathing and visa authorizations?

The Infamous Rabbit Vibrators

Let's Face it if I mention Rabbit Vibrator you know what I am talking about and needs little introduction but few realise the workings behind this orgasmic sex toy.


What about civil rights for Gays in all areas of life? It is said "You should condemn the sin, but not the sinner", but it is so hard to do for so many Christians who consider homosexuality a sin. But this is exactly what we, as Christians, should do, because after all, a homosexual is still a Child of God. And supporting civil rights for Gays does not mean condoning homosexuality. So civil rights for Gays in all areas of life ahould always be supported by Christians, except perhaps when you're choosing religious leaders who openly believe homosexuality not to be a sin. And on a personal note, even if you sre sexually approached by a Gay, you can just say "No thanks", if it's not your predilection. I did this 3 times during my lifetime and had no problem. What do you think?

11 Hot Tips For Lasting Longer in Bed

Ever wanted to achieve more sexual pleasure for you and your partner?

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