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How Do You Use Anal Beads? Why Are Anal Beads So Popular?

Anal beads are used by both men and women and are considered a good introduction to the world of anal play. Anal beads are a strand of silicone or plastic beads on a heavy duty string, usually made of nylon with a retreival handle or loop. Anal beads can also be a molding of jelly beads on a jelly string. Most of the time, anal beads are graduated which means that they go from small to large sized beads along the string. Graduated anal beads are best for beginngers becuase it trains the anus gradually with different sizes of beads.

To use anal beads, lubricate each one with a water based lubricant and insert then one at a time into the anus. At the time of orgasm, pull them out for a feeling that will send you over the top! Some people like the anal beads to be pulled out quickly, some like it slow. Anal beads can also be incorporated into foreplay by pulling some beads out and putting them back in or tugging gently on the cord, jiggling the beads in the anus. Anal beads are a great addition to any sexual encounter becuase they stay out of the way until the time comes to use them! They never interfere!

Vibrating anal beads are a step up from the standard anal beads. These are usually a vibrating stick with jelly beads protruding from the stick. They are designed to have the vibrations reverberate throughout the material. Some vibrating anal beads have an extra high pitch vibrating tip, and these types of vibrating anal beads are hot sellers and have amazing reviews! Vibrating anal beads are available for viewing and for sale at in the Anal Toys Section and non-vibrating anal beads can be found in the Pleasure Balls Section.

Anal beads are different then other anal toys becuase they way they are shaped. The beads trigger responses from the sensitive nerve endings in the anus and cause intense arousal, even more so since the beads are all move independanty in the rectum, unlike a butt plug that just holds still. The movement from the anal beads alone is enough to give some women an orgasm and erotically massage the male's prostate gland.

Anal Bead Tips:

- It is very important to use water-based lubricant with the anal beads becuase the anus does not lubricate itself like the vagina does and will not be able to expel silicone or petroluem based personal lubricant. This could cause irritation and discomfort. It could also ruin the material on the anal beads.

- Never attempt to make your own anal beads. The anal beads made by adult toy manufactuers are heavy duty and high quality, designed for their specific purpose. If the sting ever breaks or the beads fall off from homemade anal beads, that could result in an embarrasing trip to the emergency room!

- To clean your anal beads, use a sex toy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap and water. Lather it good, especially the nylon string and let them dry before putting them away. With proper cleaning, anal beads will provide you with years of hygenic anal pleasure!

If you have any more questions about anal beads or their use please do not hesitate to email us at: We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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