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How to Win at Golf

What's the point of playing sport if you don't want to win? You may try to kid yourself that you're playing for the good of your health or because you enjoy the sport, both of which would probably be true, but the real satisfaction and joy comes from winning.

Golf Vacation Schools ? Choose the Perfect Golf School Vacation for Your Game

Golf Schools, like golfers, come in all shapes and sizes. Don?t make the mistake of attending any golf vacation school. Do your homework and find the right match for your personality, learning style, and golf game.

Golf Equipment ? The Most Expensive Is Not Always Correct For You

The essentials of golf begin with the clubs you choose. Shopping on the Internet will save you time and money but choosing can be difficult, as there seems to be endless options. From our work with different golfing web sites we have seen sales for golf clubs dramatically increase in the past two years but do people really know what they are buying? I think the answer to this is yes if you have been playing for a few years and no if you are a total beginner. Some people starting out in the golf world have more money than sense. At the start of every golfing year (generally in March) you see new members on the first tee with thousands of dollars worth of equipment beside them and the golfing skills of a squirrel.

Golf For Beginners ? What Makes A Good Golfer?

A good golfer is a golfer who is happy with their own game and willing to listen to advice from experience. A good temperament is needed to play golf, expect bad days it happens everyone from low handicappers to full professionals. Having a hot head will only cause you more problems.

How to Know What Defines the Best Golf Drivers

Why is it considered the most electrifying club in your golf bag? Why is it the first club anyone talks about when equipment is brought up? Why is it what everyone wants?

Confusion Feeds the Golf Industry

The policeman drops his paycheck on the kitchen table so his wife can go shopping and pay their bills. They are able to do this because somewhere down the line someone killed, raped, or robbed someone. An unnamed X (rated) President of the United States can have pizza and frollick with a starry eyed intern in the White House because you are paying the rent.

Improve Your Putting By Developing Rock Solid Confidence On The Green

All of us have missed a short putt before. It is frustratingto miss something you know you can make! And most often a missed short putt can cause a chain reaction of bad play. Every golfer will have a tendency to remember a bad shot ata certain hole when he next plays that hole. Think of any short putt as a link on a chain that is a slack and being pulled tight. As the chain tightens each link is influencedby the one in front of it and influences the links behind it.What you must learn to do is break this chain of bad reactionsby silencing that inner voice. This inner voice will tell you all manner of ill-advised advice and you must build a new chainbased on memories of successful shots, not the failures of previous ones.

Super Golf Wheel Chair that Enables Disabled Golfers to Play Normally

Last week when I was at the driving range I noticed a number of young disable people working on their games. I was very impressed by a young lady who, despite the fact that she was sitting in a wheel chair, was able to drive the ball straight for around 120 to 150 yards. It was a real joy to watch her play. Every time she hit a good shot her face lit up in a radiant smile of pure pleasure.

Golf Tips ? A Good Thinking Head Makes A Better Golfer

Golf is a wonderful game but we all want to improve a little bit more and for some a lot more. There can be many contributing factors as to why you find that you are not playing consistently every week or the fact that your handicap seems to be going up a notch instead of the reverse. We all need advice and starting with the basics that help even the lowest handicapper in the club.

Fix Your Slice: The Cause & Simple Cures For The Beginner Golfer

Are you slicing all or some of your tee shots? If so, you are no differentthan most new golfers, And even moreexperienced golfers still slice shotsfrom time to time. Here are some simplethings you can try to fix it:

5 Best Uses for Hybrid Utility Clubs

Have you seen those new hybrid utility cubs? They are showing up all over the place, rescuing golfers from all kinds of situations. The reason for this is simple; they open up opportunities for a number of great new shots.

4 Essential Elements of Golf Fitness

Are you ready to take your golf game to a new level? Golf fitness and a whole body approach to your golf game may be the answer. Many of you have spent hours on the driving range sharpening your golf skills. You?ve invested a small fortune in new equipment, golf lessons, and accessories, yet you haven?t seen a decrease in your handicap in years. You?re not alone. Fifteen years ago the average handicap for women was 29. For men, it was 16.2. However, you may be surprised to learn it is the same number today. What accounts for this lack of improvement and what can we do about it?

Increase your Flexibility with These 3 Key Golf Stretches

Why is it a golfer rarely asks for a full 20 minute extensive warm up routine prior to golf, but rather those two or three key stretches guaranteed to yield the best results in the shortest period of time?

Picking Your Golf Equipment Picking Your Golf Equipment

Looking for quality golf equipment but not sure you want to spend a ton on it? Are you new and starting out and need some new golf equipment but don't know where to begin? Finding the right golf equipment may seem like a challenge, but it really does not have to be. In fact, if you know what you need, your task could be quite easy.The first step in purchasing golf equipment is to determine your budget. Once you get to that golf store and get the best club in your hand, you may just overspend. Knowing how much you can and should spend on golf equipment will keep your wallet as happy as you will be with your golf equipment. After determining this, you will need to begin looking. The basic equipment that all good golfers have is a set of clubs, tees, gloves, and golf balls. There is much speculation about which types of clubs you need and what material they should be made out of. The best bet to determining the right equipment for you is to try it out and get a feel for it. A basic set of golf clubs will include woods, irons, putters, and wedges. The types of these clubs that you end up purchasing will depend on how they feel in your hand and through your swing. Other golf equipment to consider includes shoes, balls, gloves, clothing and more. Golf equipment is widely available. You can go into any sporting goods store and find quality merchandise. You can also go to some of the department stores and find golf equipment there. There are even golf equipment stores that can provide you with many choices. Still want a better selection? Are you looking for the best value for your money? Use the internet to search from site to site to find the right golf equipment at the right prices. The basic golf equipment should be the first order of business for you. Once you have these items you can move into getting the other golf equipment you may find.

Golf Specific Core Exercises Improve Your Drive Distance

What if I could give you three important exercises for golf and you were able to hit the ball further than you?ve ever hit it before? What if these exercises could be performed with a minimal investment of time and required no equipment. How about if I made it so simple and convenient you could simply perform them in the evening in the comfort of your own living space? What are you waiting for?let?s get started.

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