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Beginner or Novice Golfers: Start with a Pre-Owned set of Golf Clubs

As a beginner or novice golfer, you want to avoid the expense of purchasing a "New" set of golf clubs, and concentrate your efforts on finding a good set of "Used" golf clubs (also know as "Pre-Owned".)

5 Sure Fire Ways to Build a more Powerful and Pain-FREE Golf Game

Until recently being physically fit was of little concern to most golfers, but the tides of changes have recently taken hold of the golf world and only the strong will survive this tidal wave. Many of today?s golfers are not only working with instructors but they also seek out assistance from strength and conditioning coaches or personal trainers to help them improve their physical skills, in hopes of being able to blast that little white ball a few more yards down the fairway.

Facts and Fallacies of Strength Training for Golf

Various aspects of golf training have expanded rapidly, but one area of development that has caught on somewhat slowly is golf-specific strength training. Not until very recently has this specific need been addressed. As with many things, it started at the top with pros like Tiger Woods and David Duval and began to trickle down to the masses over time. Unfortunately, many golfers still live under the old assumption that strength training is detrimental. The truth is that the days of simply practicing and playing to make yourself a stronger and better golfer are from a bygone era. I am not trying to diminish the fact that ultimately golf skills are the most important aspect of golf, but improving your swing performance will only get you so far. If you want to develop into the best player you can be, you better get with the program?a strength training program, that is.

Choosing The Right Shoes, Golf Shoes, Wedding Shoes And Other Footwear!

Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is very important if you spend much time on your feet. Whether you?re standing, walking or running, all of your weight falls directly onto the bottom of your feet. That?s why the shoes you wear are critical to the long term comfort and health of your feet and ankles.

4 Easy Ways to Take Your Golf Practice to the Course

One of the most common concerns expressed by golfers is ?how come I can hit the ball so well on the range but have a difficult time replicating this on the golf course?? When left on their own to try to figure this question out, many people look at their on-course behavior, thinking and playing for the source of the answer. Frequently, the answer lies more in their practice behavior than it does in their playing behavior.

5 Keys to Mental Toughness for Junior Golfers

If you have any interest in seeing first hand the impact that mental toughness has on sport performance, go no further than the PGA or LPGA Qualifying tournaments or ?Q-School?. Each year for the past several years, I have worked with players on site during this event. A great many of the conversations that the players have are a rehashing of their performance this past year on the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, or mini-tour circuits. What I have heard frequently are things that could help the junior golfer get a head start in his or her career.

Does Your Junior Golfer Need A Sport Psychologist?

?My son gets so angry on the golf course that he cannot perform in competitions?. ?My daughter gets so nervous when other people are watching her play that her game completely falls apart?. ?My kid hits it so well on the range, and then hits it all over the map in a tournament?. These are the kinds of comments that I often hear from parents of junior golfers. Do these kids need a golf psychologist? No. Nobody needs training on the mental part of the game. I take the word need very seriously. I believe we need air and water and sleep and food. I certainly wouldn?t suggest that anyone needs mental training, anymore than I would suggest that anyone needs golf lessons or physical training. What I would say, however, is that I have yet to encounter any player who couldn?t benefit from proper mental, technical, or physical instruction. Thus, I believe any junior golfer could benefit from mental instruction. Most people simply don?t understand what this training is or how it works.

Important Mental Perspective For The Senior Golfer

One would be hard pressed to find an individual who isn?t feeling an increase in stress and anxiety in these troubled world times. Both domestically and abroad, news reports continually speak to societies across the globe exhibiting signs of higher degrees of uncertainty and instability. In large-scale protests and in individual conversations, there are many who would like to ?turn back the clock? to the way things were just a few short years ago. Interestingly, it is especially during these times of tension that we in America have historically turned to sport and recreation as a diversion. Whether as a spectator or as a participant, for many there is something therapeutic about the environment that these activities can create to ?help us get away from it all?. For some, the connection with golf at this time allows for a single-minded, ?in the moment? experience that frees up that part of the mind that has been under strain. For others, simply the physical release of pent-up energy can have attendant calming benefits.

Do You Have the Confidence to Play Competitive Golf?

Competitive golfers are always in search of the elusive characteristic called confidence. For some, they had it and now have ?lost it?. Others, claim never to have had it, and aren?t really sure what it is. Still more know what it is because they ?see it in others?, but don?t think they have enough for themselves. Read about, watch, or listen to athletes as they talk about confidence, and how revered this trait is. The specific answer for optimal confidence is somewhat dependent on each person?s own set of circumstances. Talent, opportunity, skill, luck, and many other factors can be plugged into the confidence equation. However, there are 4 steps you can use to instill the confidence of a championship golfer.

Reluctant to Try Golf Instruction?

Maybe you or a friend had a negative experience with an instructor. It could have been a personality conflict or some other problem. Golf instructors are like college professors. Good teachers have the knowledge, but great teachers can explain it in a simple yet fascinating way. If you took a lesson in the past and didn't see immediate results, try a different instructor. Not all problems are easy to fix, but you should get a firm understanding of what you are doing wrong, why you are changing it, and what you need to do.

Golf Flexibility For The Senior Golfer

Golf flexibility is the biggest term you hear when the senior golfer is complaining about lack of distance or a sore back.

Golf Fitness Training Equals Better Golf

If you?ve watched any golf on the television you?ve no doubt heard the commentator?s mention golf fitness training. It?s no secret that 95 percent of professional golfers are doing some for of golf fitness training.

Pull, Push or Carry? I?ll Carry My Golf Clubs Thanks

I love to play golf and I love to walk the golf course. After all, the Pros walk when they play golf and if walking is good enough for them why not me? Ideally I would love to have a Caddie carry my bag but it?s not an option at my golf club. So the question comes down to carry my golf bag or use a push-cart or pull-cart. I?ve tried them all and I choose to carry my golf clubs. Here are the reasons:

Tiger Woods, the Greatest Ever? ?NOT!

Tiger is great but still a long way from claiming the title of ?Greatest That Ever Played The Game?. Although I do believe he is more then on his way to claiming that illustrious title, God willing. But until then, Slammin? Sammy Snead is my pick. That?s right, not even Nicklaus.

5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Clubs

Every golfer knows that having proper equipment is essential. Choosing golf clubs has become some what of a daunting task because of the enormous market out there. We have come up with 5 simple things to consider when choosing golf clubs.

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