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Hosting Your Way All The Way To The Bank

Let's face it, the Internet is here for good. Today's Internetreminds me of the California gold rush. There is a tonof moeny and opportunities to be made by everyone who wishes to participate in this modern day gold rush. Most peoplehave been drawn to the Internet, because of the abilityto leverage their time and make money even while they aresleeping. Which makes it an even better opportunity than thegold rush!

Just like any offline business, an online business requiresan address, or place on the Internet where your Web site islocated. You can't have a Web site and just "stick it up" onthe Internet. Unless you own your own server, you use ahosting company. A hosting company gives you an onlineaddress. This online address allows the search engines andpeople seaching for your product or service the ability tolocate your website.

So what is all the confusion about regarding hosting sites.Understanding a hosting provider's websites is equal tospeaking a foreign language. They are full of numbers andletters and if you do not know what they are describing, itcan be confusing and overwhelming. For example: there is 50mg space, and 2 gig data transfer, and front pageextensions, secure servers. What's it all mean?

In my humble opinion you don't have to be a brainiac tohave a great hosting service that serves your needs. Youwant to be the recognized expert in your particular field,and let the hosting company do their job, by providingexcellent hosting and service. All you need to have is ageneral knowledge about what hosting is.

Let's start from the beginning. Think of a hosting companyas the highway department that allows the traffic, searchengines, and people access to your website. The reason thatthis is so important boils down to money in your pocket.You could have the greatest widget the world has ever seen,and if your site is down, and not operating, people willbuy elsewhere and what good is that?

First things first. Set an expectation that you will findthe "perfect" hosting company. If you search theexpectation that your job will be difficult, then that'swhat will be your experience. The best way to find a goodhosting company is to ask other site owners and webmasterswho they use. People love to share their knowledge and youcan often pick up many helpful ideas.

Once you find a company that looks promising, see what kindof customer service they offer. Having a "live" person totalk to is a HUGE bonus and well worth any additional cost.Talk to them on the phone, explain what you are doing andask them if they can provide what you are looking for. Arethey friendly, do they treat you like a human being, do theymake recommendations without being pushy? Are they able togrow with you, as your business grows? The answers to thesequestions will give you a good idea of how they do business.Now it's up to you to determine if it is a good fit.

The author has been able to demystify "hosting" and break it down into easy to understand language. She has shared her insights with many colleagues and groups and enables them to get clear around a normally complex subject.

Claudette Spedden is founder of Fast X Hosting an excellent resource site dedicated to information on hosting

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