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7 Ways to Increase Web Site Visitors and Boost Sales

Have you spent a lot of money on advertising with theexpectation that you would get many sales from the 1000sof web site visitors that read your ad?

Have you poured money into driving traffic to your website, only to have no one buying your product?

Maybe you have seen the ads, "Get 10,000 visitors to yoursite, for only $20" . Wow, you think, that's a greatbargain, I'll go for it. The result ? 10 people visitingyour site and no one buying. What's the problem? You havenot effectively targeted your customers. Your field ofcustomers is too large. Most of them are not interested inyour product. You need to zero in on the person that wants,needs and thirsts for your product.

How do I find my targeted customers?

1. Place yourself in your customers shoes. There's anIndian saying that goes something like:

"You must walk a mile in my shoes, before you canunderstand me".

For example, if I am selling a weight loss product, I wouldnot be targeting skinny people, but targeting those thatare overweight.

2. Make a thumb nail sketch of this person

Who is your customer? What are her wants, needs and desires?

Try to understand how they think. Understanding what problems they have, will give you a clearer idea of what to offer them.

For example, let's make a sketch of a typical overweightperson:

30-50 years old
Out of shape
Probably married with children
Under a lot of pressure, tight for time, stressed
Looking for ways to improve health and wealth
Lack of self esteem

3. Develop a product that addresses one or more of theirneeds. Always refer back to your thumbnail sketch as youwrite for your site. Elaborate on the points that fit yourproduct and what it delivers. As you start writing, newideas will naturally emerge, but always keep them focusedon your targeted customer so you won't go off the track ofwhat your customer wants.

Based on the profile I outlined above, you may sell themproducts that help them lose weight, improve their health,look good, spend more time with their children and get wealthy.

4. Write your copy to sell - when you write the copyfor your site, always stress the benefits. Develop a themefor your site that focuses on this benefit and don't strayfrom it. for more indepth information on this topic, read my article:

"How to Get Listed in the SearchEngines ? Developing a Theme-Based Site"

5. Make sure each page sells. - each page should emphasizethe benefits in the headline, to pull the reader into thecontents of your page. It should ask the question:

What's in it for me?

Why should I spend my precious time reading this page?

6. Write as if you were talking to your friend - your copyshould be conversational, friendly and personal, as if youare sitting next to the person. Write from the viewpoint ofwhat your customer wants to buy, not what you want to sell.

7. Deliver the contents in a clear, crisp way - be carefulnot to stray from the central purpose of what you promisedin the headline. Make sure your customer wants to clickthrough to the next page or your order page. Don't beafraid of clearly stating the price of your product.

Clearly identifying your customers and writing copytailored to solving your customers problems, places them ina buying mood. Converting these visitors into buyers shouldnow increase the amount of sales from your web site.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)owner and author of - AffordableWeb Site Design and Web Hosting. Subscribe to his "Marketing Tips" newsletter for more original articles at You can read more of his in-depth articles at:

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