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Free Traffic Course - Day 1

Isn't online a magical invention? Surely it is, just imagine how many people can share their thoughts or open their businesses or run any kind of activity through their personal web sites. Online gives a huge worldwide potential to any idea converted into a web site.

But, even the most perfect web site can be dead. Hope you did not face it with your website, but online experience shows that you can pay for making the fanciest web design in the world, you can have amazing copywriting on the website, you can have the cheapest prices for your product or service - all this will be useless if your website does not get TARGETED traffic.

It is super important to underline "TARGETED" web site traffic. When an online surfer looks for gasoline discount tickets and gets to the web site that sells pot flowers, will this surfer buy the pot flowers? Hardly! The surfer will close the web site in about 2 seconds after web browser opened it.

That is why, if you are online, if you have a web site - fight for the targeted traffic only. The strategy below will help you to understand how.

1. Define and scale your niche.

Niche is the specifics of your web site. Any product or service on the web site belongs to a certain niche. For example, the web sites that sell cars online belong to car selling niche. This niche can be split into different sub niches: car insurance selling niche, car tire selling niche, car loans selling niche.

You see that these niches are very close in some aspects to each other. Some of them are bigger, others may be smaller. But there is one thing which unites all these niches - their targeted car audience.

So, before starting to gather targeted traffic to your web site, think it over: do you really know what niche your web site belongs to?

- Think what type of clients might be interested in purchasing/using your product or service.

- Think what products or services related to your web site can be interesting to your clients - answering this question you will find your neighbor niches (and soon you will learn how to profit from them too).

- Think what products and services you can add to your web site and get a better selling contact with potential clients of your web site. Choose the offers that do not need much time and money, add something useful and dig your niche deeper.

If you have done this job honestly, you surely have discovered more potential about your niche. Now you are ready to attract targeted traffic to your web site.

2. Tools for getting targeted traffic to web site.

If you are online, you already know what a huge niche is the market of traffic building tools. But this market has some typical traps. Make sure you know them to avoid in future:

- Many traffic-building tools work only with one aspect of attracting traffic to web site. This usually gives poor results and low quality of traffic. Imagine that you learn swimming and your coach told you how to use your hands only. Perhaps you will swim, but this will be such a hard task.

So, do not rely much upon the tools that work with one-two aspects of gathering traffic.

- Some of traffic-building tools are made to flood your web site with traffic. But it will be an absolutely non-targeted traffic. For example, some programs give credits when their users scroll the web sites. But they just scroll and pay no attention to what is on the web site. The users of these programs have to scroll hundreds of web site to get many credit points. Will you believe that your web site will be so out-of-the-kind to attract the attention of a tired 'clicker'? Would you venture to build your online business on such clients? No! Never!!

- Finally, some traffic-building tools are cheating people. These are few, but still the exist in online. You pay for traffic, they use special devices to generate false traffic from different IPs. But this is not traffic at all, computer programs generate it and flood web site with it. This is a crime, a rare one, but it exists on the Internet, so be aware.

The typical traffic-building traps are over. Now come the strategies that will help you to build a really targeted traffic to the web site.


It will be wise to start with Google AdWords. Yes, they are coslty. Yes, the prices in niches for good keywords are always rising. But Google gives targeted traffic.

Those who submit the keyword from your niche into search engine are really motivated to find something about this niche. If you pay for clients who type into search window "traffic tools" and sell traffic tools on your website, surely Google will send you targeted visitors.

But be ready to spend much on Google AdWords: your online advertising budget for good keywords should be huge.

Are there free ways to get targeted traffic? Most of Internet marketers say "NO". But they use special tools, scripts and software that automate the gathering of targeted web traffic. And their schemes work, otherwise how could Mark Joyner, John Reese, Corey Rudl (dearly missed by millions today) become millionaires on Internet marketing.

Their schemes are not absolutely free. The pay for certain scripts that do all the job for them, but this is one-time payment. With Google you will pay every day.

That is why, if you think about future expenses and still want to get targeted traffic, you should use the traffic building tools that have proven their effectivity in online business activity.

Now these tools (and fresh ones) are integrated into one system that automates the gathering of targeted web site traffic to any web site.

If you wish to learn more about this system, make sure to visit website with Free Traffic System:

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