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Round Pegs In Round Holes: The Amazing Secret of Succeeding in Any Business Every Time!

Success is the desire of everyman on the face of this earth.There is no normal human being without this yearning.Unfortunately, statistics shows that just about 4% (some evenquote 2%) of the human race experience real success. I hopeyour dream is to be among this 4%. The fact that you arereading this article right now shows your desire. My purposeis to help you succeed.

Now if you must grasp one truth it is this: "SuccessLeaves Tracks." So if you want success, the easiestway to do that is to seek out those tracks and follow them.These tracks come in varied forms. One of them which I'll be dealing with in this write up is the nugget of wisdomleft behind by those who've gone through the road ofsuccess. I hope as we take a deep look at these nuggetyou'll be able to see the light and join the few who haveattained real success.

The nugget I'm considering in this write up is:

"A square peg in a round hole."

I'm sure you've heard this saying a hundred times.And I'm also sure that each time you hear it your mindruns off to those occupying some high positions. Right? Buthave you considered it in the light of owning and running abusiness? Maybe not.

Now from my personal experience, and I've so farconfirmed this from the experiences of others, I'vediscovered that many people fail in business not just becauseof lack of capital or material resources but as a result oftheir mindset. They have everything in place but surprisinglythey couldn't build the business of their dream. Acareful look into their situation has convinced me that in theirminds they were square pegs trying to fit into the round holesof business entrepreneurs.

Did I see you smile! ?

To understand this better you must understand the power of thehuman mind. The human mind is such a potent power that there isno obstacle it can not surmount if it is put into the properuse. From the mind, great inventions have emerged. Many haveshot their way to limelight through the instrumentality of themind. Situations that many considered hopeless have beenturned around not by the powerful application of monetary forcesbut by the mind. In fact, it is this awesome capacity of themind that differentiates man from the rest of God'screations.

But what does this have to do with business you might ask. Alot. You must understand that the business world has its ownprinciples and systems. If you want to make it in any businesstherefore you must first work on your mindset to agree with thebusiness environment. You must check to know if your mindsetis a 'square peg' and if so work to round-it offso that it can fit in. When you do this, success is sure.

Now what I refer to as the square mindset in this piece is thetotality of your beliefs, social orientation and other negativenorms that have to do with business and making money. I'll endeavour to remove the scales from your eyes so thatyou'll see how our life situations and experiences cancontribute to our success or failure in any enterprise.

You must understand that the most important decision thatyou'll make in life, is the choice to take control ofyour mind. As the Holy Scriptures puts it, "As a manthinketh, so is he." Understand that the decisionswe make are a product of the way we think. The actions we takeare a product of our decisions. And our success flows from theactions we take. So to achieve the success we desire, we mustfirst of all change our thinking. There is no other wayaround it.

I have always been surprised when I see so many aspiringinternet entrepreneurs 'rushing' into one form ofbusiness opportunity or the other. Many a time the onlyincentive pushing them into that business is because they haveseen or heard about others making it in that business. But itis not surprising that this same people rush out just the sameway they rushed in. Some had jumped around different businessopportunities online in just one year as many times as you cancount on your fingers.

But will you know that the success of any business is not inthat enterprise but in you? For any business to succeed youmust first succeed in the most important business - Yourself.You are first and foremost the business. Of course it hasalways been harped that in choosing any business, chose the oneyou are enthusiastic about. That is agreed. But may I makeit clear that if you have the right mental attitude you candevelop that enthusiasm that will propel you to succeed in anybusiness.

Many who are rushing into all those home internet businessopportunities have what I call the square-pegged minds. Andforcing such minds into the business will amount to nothing.Such people, no matter how lucrative the business opportunityis, never can make any good of it. While others are givingtestimonials of the results they are getting, the opposite isthe case with these ones.

But what exactly are the causes of this square-peg-mindedness?And how can they be rounded off?

First of these, is the negative attitude prevalent in oursociety. Having experienced so many disappointments, both inour personal and professional lives, a thick layer of negativefeelings had settled on many minds. They don't trustthe government and they cannot trust their fellow men and women.And of course they can not even trust themselves either.They lack faith because, for them nothing is working.

Anyone with this mental attitude must think twice beforeventuring into any business, online or offline. The reason isthat with such a mind no type of business you jump into canwork. So what should be the first thing to do? Change yourmind-set.

Developing the habit of studying success stories of others whohave succeeded in similar fields will help you. Simply put,seek motivation through reading and being around those who havea positive mindset.

Another cause of this square-peg-mindedness is theemployee/employer orientation that is the order of our society.When I was in the construction industry, I have watched withdismay many who realizing they had some extra money on themdecided to go into business. But the surprising thing is thatabout 70% of those who did returned not too long after to seekemployment. I'm sure you have observed somethingsimilar. I've come to understand that the problem is theemployee mentality.

You would have observed that our formal educational systemorients it products not to be their own bosses but to be jobseekers. In this condition their mindset is on working forsomebody else. And if peradventure they found themselves in anyemployment this belief is entrenched the more in theirsubconscious mind. Coming out from this employment andstarting a business of their own is not a thing of ease.Working for some one and working for your self, are a worldapart. So you must never carry that mindset into any business.You need the entrepreneur's mindset. Again what youneed is a re-orientation. Set your mind to change yoursituation. That is the way of change.

Lastly, another cause is the follow-the-boss mentality. Runningyour own business demands taking risks and making decisions.But this is not the same when you are working for some oneelse. As an employee, the boss takes these responsibilities.Transiting from an employee to your own boss therefore, you mustdump this mentality. Be prepared to take risks and developquick decision making abilities.

In rounding off this piece let me once again point you back tothe title of the write-up. Please will you read it again? Tomake a success of that business work on yourself. The greatestpower for success is within you, your mind. Round off thosesquare pegs of your mind and you'd be a round peg in around hole no matter the business.

There is nothing you can not achieve if only you believe in it.

You'll succeed,

Chadrack Irobogo

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