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Using Holidays to Put Some Extra Cheer in Your Cash Box

No matter your age or station in life, we all look forward toholidays. They give us a reason to decorate, celebrate, and mostof all, spend.

Think back to any of last year's holidays. Did you buy some newdecorations? Probably. Did you plan a party or host a dinner?Likely. Did you buy gifts or take advantage of special sales andpromotions? Undoubtedly!

Well, instead of being on the spending end of this year'sholidays, why not turn the tables and put on a promotion of yourown? During the fall and winter holidays especially, people arejolly, joyous, and a little more willing to open their wallets.Of course, no honest person wants to take blatant advantage ofpeople and their money, but for those who are already ready tobuy, why not take advantage of the season by giving them aspecial deal?

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, why not have a holiday openhouse? These events are obviously more common from Halloween toNew Year's, but have you ever though of holding this kind ofparty at your store for the 4th of July? Advertise freerefreshments, music, and giveaways, and people will come indroves, no matter what holiday it happens to be. At the veryleast you'll have a good time showing others a good time, andyou'll probably make a lot of extra sales. If holding such a bash requires you to stay open a little later, why not? After all, 'tis always the season to please.

If your business has its only home on the Internet, put somefestive touches on your web site. Try decorating it with lights,fireworks, or other festive delights. Play some holiday music, or offer free holiday sounds or screen savers for those who stop by (if you do this, you might want to register your download site with search engines to make sure people can find it). People love to decorate their home or office computers with the free stuff they find online, so why not join the club?

Another fantastic way to use holidays for marketing is to sendout festive cards to your current and past customers. Wish them a happy holiday and thank them for their business. If possible,have them hand-signed for a personal touch. Be sure your companylogo appears somewhere on the card.

During the Christmas season, why not buy some attractive butinexpensive tree ornaments or other decorations, and stamp themwith a small version of your company logo? Offer them free tothose who make purchases, or sell them at your counter (or onyour site) for a ridiculously low price. People tend to keep andcollect decorations over the years, so your cheap little ornament is bound to make a lasting impression.

Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or AntFarm Harvest, holidays offer a great chance for your business toshow its stuff. Let people see your kindler, gentler, jollierside and have a little fun with your promotions. When Januaryrolls around again, your bottom line will be glad you did.

Meredith Pond has been writing marketing copy since 2000. Shepersonally writes your classified ad or sales copy at any time of year! New lower prices and personal service at

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