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I am a Search Engine Optimization newbie. I have read alittle on various forums, browsed a few articles, and readthrough The Affiliate Masters Course (Ken Evoy) a couple oftimes.

Eleven days ago I invested a little of my affiliate earningsin a new product that was being launched.

The Dowser Professional is a keyword research tool onsteroids, and has allowed me to improve the returns from thefew existing niche websites I already have, and find anumber of new niches very quickly.

I was so impressed with The Dowser Professional that Idecided it was a key product I wanted to promote as anaffiliate, even to the extent of developing a productspecific niche website.

I am very much a believer in Ken Evoy's technique of"pre-selling". If you provide a customer with proof that aproduct works, and what they could do with the product, youcan maximise your sales potential.

So I set out to prove that The Dowser Professional was aninsanely powerful tool, and that anyone could easily use itto improve their website(s) and find rich new niches.

I set myself what I believe is the ultimate challenge, totarget SEO experts on their own turf.

I picked an initial keyword to research, "keyword".

Within a few minutes I had a good list of related keywords,and within 20 minutes had completed my keyword research. Yesthe whole process was that fast.

I then setup a blog based around the keywords Iselected.

The primary keywords for the site are "keyword positionreport" (KEI approx 6K) and "keyword ranking report" (KEIapprox 3K).It is amazing that such large holes can be found in a verycompetitive niche with only a few minutes work, but that isthe power of The Dowser.

I set myself a very strict rule. No seeking links until thesite was indexed and had achieved ranking based purely onkeywords.

Today (July 28th 2005) the site was picked up by Yahoo. Itranks 1st and 5th for it's primary keywords, and has alreadyreceived traffic from both Yahoo and Technorati.

The site is not yet listed in MSN and Google. I expect it torank well on MSN and poorly on Google until it has someincoming links.

The site contains maybe 30% original content, and anyarticles used were carefully "wrapped" with specifickeyword heavy text both before and after.

Andy Beard has worked in Sales, Marketing and Localization for the last 15 years, primarily in the computer games industry.His blog Exploring Niche Websites gives insights into creating profitable websites on the internet.

Additional related information including screenshots ofexample Yahoo ranking are available on his Niche Website Blog

Reporting on the success or failure of KeywordPosition Report will appear in future articles.

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