How to Get a Website Indexed Fast

Get Indexed Fast

What does getting indexed mean?

The search engines keep a cache of every web page in theirindex.

In English, this means: The search engines make a copy ofevery web page they visit and put in their records? ummm, Ithink that's what I mean.

When you use a search engine the results list relevantpages to your search, usually ten results per page.

Each result includes a live "link" to the page, and a"cache" or "snap-shot" of the page, recorded the last timethe spider visited that page, at some time in the past.

If you wish to get a website indexed, first you must have awebsite? preferably a real one that you own, not a "free"website a' la Geocities etc.

It only costs about $8 to register a domain name, and about$5 a month for cheap hosting, while $10 a month will getyou very good quality hosting.

To get indexed fast, I recommend you start a blog on yoursite. This can be with any blog software, but I think thatWordPress is the best?

If you get good quality hosting, it will include cPanel andFantastico scripts. In fantastico scripts are about 50scripts you can automatically install on your server withone click? and WordPress is one of them. The alternativeis to manually install wordpress yourself.

Once you have built the basic barebones website (Main page, a dozen content pages, and a sitemap linking themtogether, it's time to get indexed in the search engines.

You can "submit" your site to the search engines if youwish, but that is too slow.

Here's where the blog comes into play? post articles ormessages to your blog on a daily basis, and don't miss aday for the first few weeks at least. The posts must beinteresting, and relevant to your site.

Configure your blog to automaticlly "ping" the blogdirectories every time you publish a new post.

Here's what happens? Google, Yahoo, MSN and the othersearch engines are always looking for fresh content toserve up to their search visitors or clients, and one placethey look for fresh content is in blogs. Search enginesabsolutely love blogs, because they are dynamic - updatedon a regular basis by their owners ? as apposed to normalwebsite pages which largely remain static ? unchanged formonths on end.

If you update your blog every day by adding fresh articlesor other content, the search engines will notice, and theywill soon be visiting your blog every day like clockwork.

I include a link to my regular website pages by adding alink to either my homepage or sitemap, in the sidebar(menu) of my blog.

The second best thing Search Engines love after freshcontent is "links"? they will literally die for links, andif they find a link anywhere that they've not seen before,they make a record of it, then follow to to where ever itmay lead? and if the link they find is on your blog, youbetter make sure it leads to the sitemap of your website. Double check that it does, by clicking on it after you makeit.

Yahoo and MSN will list your website pages as soon as theyvisit them, and will usually index them within a few days. As soon as they are indexed, people can find them in searchresults.

And that's how easy it is to get indexed fast.

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