Googles Back Door... Get Your Website Indexed Quicker!

It's the buzz word's going across the internet marketing guru's strategyplatform at the moment?Google's Sitemap to index your web pageswithin days if not hours.

This new system will revolutionize how marketers will now be ableto submit an xml file of their website pages direct to Google and workalong side the mega giant search engine to provide detailed informationregarding the total amount of your websites pages and how often they are updated.

Googles aim is to cut down the time and sheer volume load of work its spiders has to perform to keep its search engine listings up to date with all the current websites that are evolving on an ever-increasing daily basis.

This of course allows all "savvy marketers" a great opportunity to index theirweb pages with the full permission of Google and therefore get an immediatepresence and earning potential far quicker than was ever previously possible.

Of course processing an xml file of your website and its pages may havepresented a problem for most marketers, however even this problem hasnow been overcome with the latest software offerings.

So if you're looking to get your web pages indexed I would suggest youtake a look at this new technology and keep one step ahead of your competition.

Terry Till

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