Why Pay-Per-Inclusion Search Engines are Dying

A Pay-Per-Inclusion search engine is a service in whicha search engine charges you a certain amount to spiderand include your website in its database. For this fee,regular repeated spiderings are guaranteed, so you aresure to be indexed.

However, rankings are not guaranteed. These pages haveno advantage over any page submitted for free. A fewyears ago, pay-per-inclusion search engines such as Inktomi,Altavista, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo were introduced.However, they have failed badly and have lost traffic toGoogle.

Why Google is Tops

Google built the LARGEST search engine database becauseit refused to adopt the pay-per-inclusion model. By allowingevery website to submit its pages free, it built an enormousdatabase of websites. Good news for everyone searchingGoogle's database!

Google's competitors were unable to deliver the same results,partly because they had fewer websites to choose from.If you charge for entry into a search engine, you eliminateover 90% of the websites on the Net which cannot justifysuch a fee.

What the pay-per-inclusion search engines did not understandwas that their real customers were the ADVERTISERS andnot the searchers. Nor were the websites the customers of theengines.

The advertisers pay the search engines, so they are the customers.Google recognised this and decided to keep the advertisers happyby providing a large database of websites. This large databasebecame well known and it attracted great numbers of searches.These searches were exposed to the advertisers' products and the searches led to good sales. To make this most efficient, search engine submission must be free.

Search Engine Model is Similar to Television

This is all similar to television where programmes are made forthe masses and given away free. Then the advertisers step inand make the money! As a search engine survives by the qualityof its search results, surfers and sites flocked to Google making itthe number one search engine.

Why the Death of Pay-Per-Inclusion SE's is Good for Small Sites

Only large quality SE databases can fulfil the needs of surfers. Yourrelationships with the search engines is one of mutual benefit. You needthe traffic and the search engines provide the quality content.

Therefore by creating good websites with quality content and submittingthem free to the search engines, you are both winning. There is no needto spend enormous amounts on search engine submission and optimisation.All you need to do is create good websites with the appropriate keywordsfor your pages and everything else will take care of itself.

Of course, this is where we were at the beginning of the Internet revolution,except certain search engines got too greedy and thought they could cash in on unfortunate small website owners!

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