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7 Simple Steps To A PR Launch

A PR product or service launching is a perfect way to buildmomentum slowly. It handles the first and most importanthurdle to overcome in building a brand -- credibility.

Step 1: Be a leak-er. The media adores describing eventsthat are "going" to occur. Use it and use it to its longestcapacity. Don't jump out too soon.

Step 2: The Slow Buildup. Like a rose, slow gets morebeautiful to people the more it unfolds. It is the waypeople expect and are comfortable with, respect it.

Step 3: Recruit natural allies to support your launch andbuildup. Especially, the enemy of your competitors.

Step 4: Bottom-up rollout. You don't want to jump up tothe roof and yell, people just think you're crazy. Begin atthe lowest rung on the ladder first. Consider each rung amedia outlet. Each media creates its own momentum, its ownattraction.

Step 5: Listen and Adjust. Be very aware of crediblecomments and adjust accordingly. Don't react but dorespond.

Step 6: Make message modifications. What attributes areworking and build on them. Observe media feedback and watchfor media nosebleeds.

Step 7: Patience. Launch occurs after PR has run itscourse, not before. Have a big D-day planned with a massiveapproach.

After PR comes advertising and not before. The advertisinghandles the conventional hurdle -- being popular enough sopeople buy. Conventional, people buying because otherpeople are buying, never comes before credibility.Credibility is why the most effective brand launching startswith PR.

(c) 2004, Catherine Franz.

Catherine Franz, a Business Coach, specialized in writing,marketing and product development. Newsletters andadditional articles: Anexpanded view on this topic, "Brand Building: The IdealWay" is available in the articles section.

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