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Storm Rising along the Lima Coast

Storm Rising along the Lima Coast
[Summer of 2002]

?wind was blowing furiously
It never left for a moment
Bursts of fury
I found it difficult to keep
My feet placed, thus,
I clung to my knees
For one blissful moment
I could not now disguise it
From myself
Some subtle feeling
Manifested itself
Then the current drew
Sharply away from me
With her mystery-

Back out into the open sea
Yet-, still it roared back at me!
It was an expressed release
It made my head swim
I noticed it kept-step
With my exultation!?

#761 7/14/2005

Notes: There are mysteries to the sea, at times it seems as to have its own mind, its own character; as if nature was plugged into all that exist. Earth itself being an entity with its own lively soul. We all seem to be somehow connected do we not, to the sea, to its ghosts that live within it; to the earth that holds it, and its atmosphere about us that seems to a balance between man, nature and space. Even the moon has its duties to the earth, and man, to protect us from harmful elements. Who gave them such a command? Someday it wall all fly into space, the oceans and all, and earth knows it, and wants to share with us-as it is part of us-its accommodating mystery, while time lasts.

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