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The Gaul of La Laguna de Paca

Part One

I tell you a legend of long agoOf the sunken city of La Laguna de Paca,(Where I had met a lingering ghost)Within this region of Huancayo--Peru;Truth lies, but only the soul knows.

Part Two

So the legend goes, of long ago:During the rising of the full moonThe Mermaid of La Laguna de Paca, appearsAnd to the nearby towns folks, she echoes...Echoes: her cries and moans!!

Then when one thinks all is well--The enchanting rings, the rings...!Of the bells, the Great Bells, bellsOf the sunken church of La Laguna de PacaAre heard by the folks of the town.

Part Three

But there is more to this legend:For it is said, wherein the dark night(The ink dark macabre star-lit nights)Wherein the Errieness of the full moonEbbs across the Laguna Paca, gives birth,To the Great Bull,who scrotches the hillside

Scrotches the foliage to its bones...!Scrotches its with fire and brimstone.

Part Four

And now I tell you of my tale--A tale of that took place but a few days ago,By an embankmnment along the Laguna de Paca.

Here I stood, stood within its grip,trance:Aloft in the eldritch dark it lingeredThis shadowy configuration of the Gaul, The gaul of the lake, Laguna de Paca--.

And there in the giant eucaliptus (tree)It shifted and swayed, looking at me...Then at forth glance, it disappeared,As if it sank in to the great lake...La Laguna de Paca!...

#624 (4-13-05)

Poet-Author Dennis L. Siluk

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